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Intranquility Spell

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► Intranquility Spell

Intranquility Spell
Post # 1
Hi, has anyone successfully used the Intranquility Spell to bring back a lover? thanks
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Re: Intranquility Spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I have to say this is a dangerous spell to use, its a spell where you should do some form of divination to see if this is A the right spell, and B whether a spirit will work with you.

I have used this spell before and its not a love spell by any means, its a spell designed to send a spirit in hell to torment your target until they return to you, but when they come back they aren't in the best of moods.

To answer your question, yes I have successfully used the IS to bring back an ex, it was the wrong choice and regret doing it.

BTW the IS spell on here was lifted from another site, what it fails to mention is protecting yourself and banishing the spirit afterwards, because 9 times out of 10 the spirit will attach itself to the caster and I have known this to happen, so your the one who gets even more restless. My advice is if your going to do this spell, do some banishing afterwards and take baths with nothing but a egg cup full of salt mixed in, then wash downwards. Alongside this spell you need something for them to love you again, I suggest a Honey Jar which is easy and works alongside this very well.
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Re: Intranquility Spell
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Site Spells Discussion from General Info.
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Re: Intranquility Spell
Post # 4
Hi, thanks for all the good info and the warning. I've actually done a lot of research on this spell and know it can be risky.

I was posting the question to see if anyone would be willing to discuss their personal experience with it. Would you mind sharing why you regret doing the spell? and what kind of results you saw? basically, what happened in your case, if you don't mind sharing, of course. thanks
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Re: Intranquility Spell
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Sorry I did ignore the whole point of your post and went all judgemental on it which I apologise for.

First off I regret doing the spell because although the person came back, they came back angry and tormented as they couldn't stop thinking about me, but once they came back the spell was over and they went back to the way they were feeling before I cast the IS.

Secondly, the results I saw were quite vague to begin with, unknown numbers calling me, obvious fake profiles on facebook wanting to be friends, just a lot of nonsense to begin with like that, but then it was her turning up at places she knew I'd be, until finally she asked to meet up and once we got through the 5 senses specified in the spell (hearing, seeing, smelling, touching, tasting) she quickly went back to the old her. (BTW the IS spell on here only lists 4 senses but asks to torture 5 so thats why the spell is dangerous)

I'm not a bad looking bloke, but she was well out of my league and would get asked out in coffee shops, on the bus, everywhere she went she'd get offers, from normal blokes to some famous people, so it seemed impossible to get her back but I did.

To go with this long reply lol, I really suggest alongside the IS you do some healing work, and some love work, the IS is NOT a love spell its a restless spell, a honey jar is perfect to go alongside this so when that person comes back they are developing feelings of love through that 2nd spell.
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Re: Intranquility Spell
Post # 6
oh, don't worry. I didn't feel you were being judgmental. I thought you were just passing on a friendly warning.

hmmm... so in you case, did you do any love work along with the IS or did you learn that afterwards? Do you mind if i ask how long it took her to come back for how long she stayed? Did she actually report to you that she couldn't stop thinking about you or could you just see it from her actions.

on my case, my ex already loves me. He flat out told me. He just doesn't want to get back together because he thinks it's the wrong decision. Think I could have success with this spell then if there are feelings of love there? (I've had a honey jar and other things going for a while anyway.)

thanks. hope you dont mind all the questions. It's just hard finding someone with experience in this.
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Re: Intranquility Spell
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Of course I don't mind the questions, its nice to help and it actually shows you care by researching this first before casting it.

I didn't do any love work alongside this because I was waiting until the following month when a friday was either the full moon or the day before the full moon and that was 7 weeks away from when I cast the IS (BTW the IS can be cast at anytime during the moon phases).

She came back within 5 weeks (signs after 3 weeks like the calls and facebook, full return in 5 weeks), when she came back she told me she couldn't stop thinking about me but didn't know why she couldn't stop (thats where the love spell would have given her a reason to understand why), she told me she couldn't concentrate and was waking up through the night desperate to ring me.

Her actions to begin with were angry, she wanted to spend time with me but would argue over nothing, she was like a drug user and I was her drug, once she got a hit that was it she just seemed to awake from a dream and realised it wouldn't work out.

With this spell you ask a spirit to help you get contact, once contact is made the spirit leaves, so under no circumstances can you contact the target, you must wait for the target to contact you, thats the whole point of this spell, if you ring him then the spirit gets released from its duty and the spell is over, it also should be noted on the spell page that divination to ask if the spirit will work with you is essential otherwise it could backfire.

Personally I would suggest another route for you to go down before trying this, because your case isn't suited for the IS as its not going to change his feelings towards you. I would redo the Honey Jar but I would add to the petition paper Catnip (ask it to capture his heart for you), Damiana (ask it to bring him back to you), Dill Seeds (ask them to make you irresistable to him). Around the crossed names in a circle I would write "come back love me", because if he loves you truly he wouldn't want to be away from you.
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Re: Intranquility Spell
Post # 8
thanks again...

when you say redo the honey jar, do you mean scrap the one I have and start over or just add those herbs to the existing jar?

I learned about damiana well after I started the honey jar so I sprinkled it around the jar hoping that would help. I don't know if that can be effective or not.
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Re: Intranquility Spell
By: / Novice
Post # 9
With your current jar which herbs do you have inside, and what is your petition written in the circle around the names, plus how long have you had it going?

You would need it inside the jar rather than around.

The jar you have may be whats keeping him loving you, so it depends on the herbs and petition, and if they aren't matching the outcome you want then I would start again, if they do match then back to the drawing board for another approach.
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Re: Intranquility Spell
Post # 10
well, that's just the thing. The honey jar is the very first magical working I've ever done. I did it before I knew anything about herbs, oils and such. So the only thing I have in there are personal concerns, the petition paper, a pair of magnets, the honey and not much else. It was many months ago so I don't even remember what's on the petition. but I believe in it because three weeks after I started it, my ex re-entered my life.

I've since, of course, increased my knowledge and skill and have incorporated a lot more workings & materials. I've worked two rounds of magic on him. Both times he slowly re-entered my life until it looked like we were on the brink of reconciling and then something would happen and it would die out. The one constant is him saying that he loves me but despite the feelings, he doesn't want to try again.

So I get results but not full results. I don't know how to get past that last hurdle so if you have any suggestions, I'm all ears! thanks
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