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Auto Writing

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Auto Writing
Post # 1
I got this information from a website a long time ago...

Auto Writing is the process, or product, of writing material that does not come from the conscious thoughts of the writer. The writer's hand forms the message, and the person is unaware of what will be written. It is sometimes done in a trance state. Other times the writer is aware (not in a trance) of their surroundings, but the actions of their writing hand.

We attempt automatic writing for several reasons. First - to get information about our personal life. Second - to confirm something from some who exists on the other side or has deceased.

The answers can be surprising ... but always be cautious as with any tool of divination chosen - such as the ouija board.
When attempting automatic writing you may use a writing implement, computer, or any other means of communicating through the written word. Many people prefer the computer as they can type quickly without filtering the information coming through. When reread - even a typo can mean something.

To divert the focus of the writer - shifting from left brain logical thinking - to right brain intuitive thinking - take a pencil in hand, place it against a piece of paper as if about to write something. Then turn your attention to something else, such as watching television, reading a book, or talking with someone. For many people, their hand will write coherent material.

Much of this goes to 'control' and have much you are willing to give to a non-physical entity.

The amount of time spent on automatic writing can vary with the person and the session.

Words, sentences or whole paragraphs may appear. Often, the writing is illegible - the text appearing jumbled - without proper grammar or punctuation - mostly run-on sentences.
Messages can be written in a language - or hand writing style - not recognized by the writer and signed by someone unknown.
A picture or symbol may be written.

Some automatic writers know who is giving the messages while others do not. If the energies feel comfortable to you then you will soon learn who the entity is and why he/she is writing with you.

If you feel the least bit uncomfortable with the entity or the information received STOP!

Let all information flow! Do not stop to think about - or process - what you are writing / typing.

If you feel that more than one entity is trying to write through you - ask them to take their time and you will write with them one at a time. Always get a name.

Get into a comfortable position.
Be sure you are free of distractions.
If you are not alone---tell others that you have some personal correspondence to take care of!

If you are tired --this could actually work better for you.
Now clear your mind of chatter. Feel the muscles in your body--neck--arms--shoulders-- especially your face--totally relaxed . . .

You are going to use your pen and paper to talk to your guide.
Know that whatever the answer is to your questions will be written by the spirit.

Do not allow time for your mind to listen to this information. Just type. You may even want to focus your eyes on something near the paper which keeps the left brain busy while it right brain does the channeling.

It may seem like your own thoughts at first but that is OK. It will get easier and quicker.

This takes practice.
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Re: Auto Writing
Post # 2
i think ive done this before in class....i was not paying attention and my mind was focused on something else....and i had a mental blackout....thats when,for an instant,i lose track of all time and all of a sudden,i come back to reality....anywayz,after i had the mental blackout,and came back to reality,i was staring down at my binder,and i had drew 4 or 5 figures.....well i was staring down at the binder when i blacked out,so i just followed my instinct and went on ahead drawing figures that just came to mind...mostly squares....and then something said "STOP!" and so i stopped and looked over my work and it looked like a town.....well i didnt know what this meant until my family announced we were going to take a short day to the TOWN/city,of vermont.....well i was surprised because i had never been there before,even though its....i guess,close by.....so i can relate to this post
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Re: Auto Writing
Post # 3
I've done this before also. On occasion, during my periods of astral projection, will leave a pen in my hand and paper in front of me while I'm gone and get some interesting things while my body has been resting.
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Re: Auto Writing
Post # 4
Sometimes I find myself in class with the urge to just WRITE. Like, I wouldn't even think about what i was writing. I would just write! I never found a name for it until now :) Thank you for this post!

Someone should post an auto-writing of their own on here :) or in another thread :D Im very interested to see others results.
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Re: Auto Writing
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
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Re: Auto Writing
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Yeah, I've done this tons! I'm not the best at it. Well, I was better when I was younger, but then I think I started thinking to much about what was going to be written next (I'm the type that's always aware, never in a trance) Much is jumbled. I've gotten lots of drawings. There are some common things, too. Someone once suggested that it could be a language, but I have no idea if it is or if so, what language. I tended to ask for names. Like an idiot, though, I told my dad one day that I could do it and after taking some samples of my writings to a Catholic priest he knows (the kind that studies Demonology for the church) to see whether or not I was really talking to spirits (he was convinced I was probably just talking to my higher self) he wound up telling me not to do it anymore and that if I did he could look into my eyes and tell that I was doing it. After that when the spirits would come around I had to tell them that I couldn't talk to them anymore and eventually they stopped coming. And, as an extra added suck point, apparently my ability to feel auras was somehow attached to this gift of talking to spirits and now it's just about non-existent. If I can feel it at all it's either really faint or the person has to have a super-strong aura. Although, all these years later, I seem to be kind of getting some of the ability to feel back. I talk to spirits again sometimes, too.
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