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Spiritual/Magickal Power

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Spiritual/Magickal Power
Post # 1
How to Manifest your Spiritual Goals and Desires Efficiently

When working with energy or casting spells, an important question that you should always ask yourself is, Are my spiritual activities powerful enough to manifest my goals and/or desires? There are several factors involved that need to be addressed before you can answer this with yes or no, and I will cover these here for you. I will also tell you how to make your energies more powerful.


How you live your life is probably the most overlooked factor of what effects your success in using spiritual means to accomplish goals. Ironically, it is one of the most important ones as well. You need to achieve a lifestyle that is going to empower and sustain any energy that you will into the spiritual realm.

Following are steps you can take to achieve such a state:

Achieve a degree of balance in your emotional state.

Your emotions are one of your direct links to the spirit realm from your physical awareness. What you feel emotionally is a representation of spiritual powers, energies, and influences around and within you which are manifested in your present reality on an emotional level. The spiritual powers can be interpreted by the human heart and perceived by their nature according to how they affect us. The affect that they have will also give us an idea as to how the spiritual power present is going to effect and influence our lives. The stronger the emotion, the stronger the energizing influence of that power present. You wouldn't want to live in a state of depression and then expect the projected intent for a goal for your well-being to have success. The spiritual energy of depression would work against your intent because it's presence would naturally create situations which would cause you to become further depressed. This is an important factor to look out for, you need to balance out emotional disorders if you expect to have a powerful influence that works to the benefit of what you need or desire.

Keep your actions within the intent of what you want to achieve.

In other words, don't do anything that is going to be contradictory to the energies that you are trying to manifest in your life. (A wide-arching list of examples of contradictory behavior will be provided in a future article.)

Your day-to-day actions have an important effect on your spiritual atmosphere. When you meditate and create an energy, it does not 'set' that energy to just permanently be that way until you meditate again. You have to keep that energy up by acting within it, not only allowing it to manifest in your life, but within yourself. The energy that manifests through yourself will be seen through your emotional state, the actions you take, and what mindsets you are inspired to have. Obviously the inspiration comes from the spirit just as our minds are connected to our spirits. If you do not work with both the energy that manifests around you and the energy that manifests within you then you will nullify and weaken it, possibly causing it to be an energy entirely different to what you intended. For example, if you bring in an energy of peace and love, then you need to uphold that spirit by being peaceable and loving. Not everything is your fault though, if someone else around you is acting outside of what you want the energy to be, you can't always control that. It's important at these times to maintain fortitude and resilience to not lose that energy.

Meditate frequently in order to achieve a consistency with the raising of energy.

You can't just meditate once, do an energy session, or really any other method and get what you want through spiritual means if the energy isn't already with you on a strong level. You need to raise energy on a consistent basis so that you are able to maintain it and manifest everything that you want. You need to make it part of your daily life and meditate on your goal at least for a period of time that you are comfortable with once every day. If you do not do this, then the energy will not stay grounded and may not manifest. This is because there are other energies present and active within your life other than what you meditate on. If you do not create a consistent projection of the energy that you need to manifest in your life, then that energy may scatter or wane. Find out how long you need to meditate by when the energy feels right, and then meditate for that amount of time each day in order to keep it up until you have achieved what you want in your life.

Only focus on one thing at a time.

You will be able to get much more powerful results from only spending your energy, time and focus on one thing in comparison to many things. When you focus on multiple goals using your spiritual means, you scatter your energy. What you are able to project to each purpose is thinned out. One common spiritual goal that beginner level energy practitioners have is to empower the chakras. (For general information on chakras, look here http://aurorastone.net/chakras.html ) If you meditate on each chakra, then you will be able to focus the energy of that chakra. Once you focus on a chakra to strengthen it, you may decide that you want to move on to another chakra. However, the energy that you focused to the previous chakra may not be given enough time to manifest because of your new focus. When you gain a new focus, the energy that you put forth towards your previous goal will cease to be energized by your spirit according to what you wanted. Not only that, but the energy that you already spent on it may become stagnant or inactive. Within that, you always want to make sure that you complete each task that you set out to achieve before moving on to a new one. Maintaining one direct focus on a single task will enable you to project as much energy as you are capable of projecting towards that task until it is fulfilled, allowing for faster and more efficient manifestation.

The Energy

The ability to sense energy

If you cannot sense the energy then you are not going to achieve what you could otherwise. Just as if you couldn't perceive the physical world in some way it would be very difficult for you to interact physically with the physical world (sight, hearing, touch, etc)
I have an article already written to help you sense the energy, you should review it if you aren't familiar. Perception of the energy is key to working with it successfully. Here is the link. http://aurorastone.net/energyworking.html

Open to spiritual entities outside of your own spirit

There are a vast number of spiritual entities of many different kinds. Common entities around you that you may want to be open to in order to connect with them would be your guides, your guardian, various elemental spirits and spirits tied to reservoirs of power and also spirits tied to emotions. Even the idea that other spirits are instrumental to your growth as a human being will enable you to work more with their energy to effect your life. The spirits provide the energy that we work with, and they also provide us with guidance as to how we should use that energy in our lives to best achieve our needs. You should do a meditation, to visualize other entities around you providing you with their support. Realize that they are just as there as other physical people, and that they are everywhere. Just because you cant see them doesn't mean they aren't there. For example, a deaf or hard of hearing person may not hear you, but that doesn't mean you are not talking. The level of familiarity that you have with the spirits will greatly effect the spiritual progress you are able to achieve, both in yourself and in your goals.

The sensation of energy

The sensation of energy that you create when connecting to the spirit realm is going to be indicative of how strong the energy actually is. If that energy were being projected at you, you should ask yourself, “Would this energy be effective in changing my spirit?” You need to experiment with how you feel about the energy before deciding how to project it. Our emotional state while we project the energy should also be matching to the energy that we want to manifest. When you are meditating, you should be able to sense the way the energy feels. You need to do this in order to probe the energy to figure out how powerful of a sensation it creates. You will want to work with strong energy in order to make effective and long lasting changes in your life. You can sense how strong the energy is according to how strong the sensation that it creates in you is. You will want to connect with the energy, and then perceive how it feels to you on a sensational level. Compare this to other very strong sensations, feelings, or emotions that you have experienced in your life. Those experiences were all times that you felt strong energy. So you will want to make the energy that you are connected with powerful to your senses, and that will be indicative of if it is effective. Once you know how the energy feels, you can then put yourself into a strong state of mind utilizing a feeling or emotion within something that is in-line with your intent and then project this onto the energy in order to strengthen it. It all depends on the purpose and intent of your goal.

Refer to the above-mentioned http://aurorastone.net/energyworking.html for more information regarding connecting to the feeling and emotions of energy.

How comfortable are you with you?

How comfortable you are with who you are is going to effect the strength of the energy that you can project. You need to be familiar with yourself on a personal and interpersonal level. Being familiar with yourself on a personal level means knowing who you are on the inside. You want to be keenly aware of not only your physical abilities, but your emotions and spiritual capabilities. Knowing yourself on an interpersonal level means knowing who you are around other people. You need to be comfortable with who you are around other people, spirits and their emotions. Your energy will hold the same fears and repressions that you normally would have without the other, outside influences. Get to know yourself and who you are, find confidence and real value in yourself. This is important in creating lasting and effective energy. In this regard, doubt in yourself can be one of your biggest enemies. Try to overcome this by doing what you need to do in your life that you know you need to do in order to achieve emotional satisfaction. Accomplishing tasks for emotional benefit will help you to be more confident in yourself. Also, meditation on who you are is important to understand yourself. Keep in mind that who you are is what you feel, what emotions you experience and what you want in life, etc.

Intent Focus

You need to focus intently when projecting your energy to your goal. Also, you need to enter into a meditative state and sense the energy as I described in an aforementioned article on energy working so that you can connect with the energy and project your intent upon it. And just to quickly explain projection, you project energy by becoming aware of it and by then, creating a sensation of movement within it. Energy follows thought so you need to pay attention to how you are focusing on the energy to effect it. If you place your intent on the energy to move, it will move. The amount of focus that you push yourself to have in meditating on the energy will directly effect how focused your energy will be towards your goal. In achieving a strong focus, you need to become single minded and willful of your intent. Place yourself into a mentality where you only focus on the task that you are trying to spiritually achieve. The longer you do this, the more connected to your goal you will be on a spiritual level, and the more you will be able to empower it with your energy. A lack of focus causes a lack of both connection and direction in the energy.

Each of these former things is very important to being an effective energy worker, or spell caster. Using spiritual means to effect the physical world is not a walk in the park, nor is it a shortcut or an easy path. In all honesty, the 'easy way' to do things is just to physically do it. So if you want a quick fix, this is not the way. If you have a genuine interest in connecting with the spirit in order to effect your physical life, and are willing to go through a complete lifestyle overhaul, then I hope that this article provides you with what you need to able to help you accomplish everything that you desire.
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Re: Spiritual/Magickal Power
Post # 2
Excellent post, well written. But, it looks like a couple of articles I've read in Ezines lately.
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Re: Spiritual/Magickal Power
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Good contribution. Some of these are basic universal laws we need to be in correspondence with to manifest.

3. The Law of Action:

The Law of Action must be applied in order for us to manifest things on earth. Therefore, we must engage in actions that support our thoughts, dreams, emotions and words.

7. The Law of Attraction:

This Universal Law demonstrates how we create the things, events, and people that come into our lives. Our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions produce energies which, in turn, attract like energies. Negative energies attract negative energies and positive energies attract positive energies.

-Source: http://www.iloveulove.com/psychology/univlaws.htm
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Re: Spiritual/Magickal Power
Post # 4
Stonicus- I have never seen any of Ezines articles.

Cazzer- Certainly, those are definately tied-in to what was written here.

I hope I was able to provide more detailed information that was tied together in order to offer a more complete picture.
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