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Questions about Magick

Forums ► General Info ► Questions about Magick
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Questions about Magick
Post # 1
I got a few questions about this I wanted to ask:
How do you make a psi ball? I have tried on it by focusing on my hands and 'feel' the energy but no success.
Does talisman and those spell cirles have any connection to spell casting?
Is there a way to control wind? I am interested in making a wind ball and throwing it at empty bottles.

Thank you.
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Re: Questions about Magick
Post # 2
well since there are many basics threads around you should have read one, they contain these things but just to help you out

psi ball

it takes time to learn to create it, when i started it took me 2 months it takes other people even longer, i actually learned by accident when i was focusing ( in the bathroom) and i actually learned it. It works with immense focus, Take your time it will not come in a day and try many methods just one thing to know when you get it, you will feel a somewhat magnetic like energy in your hands.

I advise you get straight into chakra meditation while you are at it and learn how to use your breath to clear the nadis.

ill give you the first jist of it.

the nadis are responsible for carrying energy through the body so by now you should understand it acts just like veins do.

Realax into a meditative state and deep gentle but deep breathes. Inhale and let the stomach expand, Do NOT pull in the stomach when inhaling. When you exhale let the stomach return to its normal state and repeat for 8 breathes then hold for 4 and release slowly for 8.After this visualize your nadis like the veins in your body. When you breathe in see your self intaking new positive energy and when you breathe out see that energy moving through the ndis clearing all the "stale" negative debris in there after a period of time you should feel lighter.

retry your psi ball work again

as for talismans and circles

Talismans assist you in protection or any kind of work like luck or protection. It is not necessary to have one but you can google and see whats out there, you can make one your self also. charm bags work just as well

Circles are critical for those who want to cast spells and keep energy within the circle. It is done by those who think they need it, doing a spell with immense amounts of energy, or doing ceremonial magick

you don't have to use it for common casting its optional, do as you like. I only advise it when doing ceremonial magick where certain circles are called for


"controlling the wind" is a term commonly seen poorly used, its more of working with the wind, and when you work with the psi ball and learn to control energy and work with elements that will come easy for you. just don't expect it to be like in cartoons
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Re: Questions about Magick
Post # 3
wow mounths i tried and was sucessful in 2 days barely but i did it so easily because i had been meditating and clensing my aura. but it is like a small wind but as for controlling the wind i use sigil i created all i do is create a sigil draw it on the ground channel aura into it while meditating on a visual purpose of it then when im think im finished i usually feel a tired sensation stop then when i need to use i pour more aura into it and it will serve its purpose i think it may be possible to use more than one at a time.
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Re: Questions about Magick
Post # 4
I have just started to make a psi ball. At first I got a weak tingly feeling on my fingers, then I can just feel a ball of heat. When I release one hand, and tried to throw the ball. It seems to just disappear into thin air. I wonder why is that happening?
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Re: Questions about Magick
Post # 5
I feel like an ass for saying this but I didn't have to cleanse or anything and I was able to create phi/ki balls in about 20 or 30 minutes...
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Re: Questions about Magick
Post # 6
well mine only took so long cause i did not practice everyday i had other things doing. But non the less with constant practice and good direction creating the psiball will be even quicker the real test is to intricately control that energy and use it for advanced work like healing. which by the way i practice.

Cleansing the aura may be needed for those who need to clear it and ground to defragment built up energy, not everyone will need to do this before their practice in creating psi balls but you will need it (grounding balancing and centering) in your practice
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