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Forums ► Covens ► Guidelines

Post # 1
It's a rough outline of what I think is pretty important and helpful running an online coven. Hope this can help a few out.

Dragon Blessings

Guidelines for Inactive and Low Activity Covens

What your Coven should consist of to be active:

-Active Priest and Priestess (not just one or the other)
-Active Members
-Good Council (experienced and well spoken)
-Quality information and references for members
-Well structured spellbook (regualarly updated)
-Variety of spells and suggestions for beginners through advanced
-Strong, clearly stated rules that imply the following:
No roleplaying
Some sort of Activity policy (# of posts per month etc)

For Priest and Priestess:

Inquire and encourage! You are the ones who make the decisions.
The ones responsible for how the coven appears and runs.

In your forum section post frequently inquiring about subjects
that your members mention and encourage them to learn more
and gain experience.

If you can... have a list of classes or teachers in divided subjects. Communicate with your Council, they are there to help you. If you set rules, stick to them.

For Council

Communicate frequently with your Priest and Priestess
Help keep organized forums and on topic threads. Watch for rule violations

For Members

Be active
Ask questions!
Offer your opinion and advice if there is an opportunity
Mind Priest, Priestess and Council members.

For all of the above...

Respect eachother. Be open minded and understanding.
Help others find a direction to travel in if they are lost.
Keep updating your coven and your information. The more
new you bring in the more everyone learns and grows together.
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Re: Guidelines
Post # 2
I love this post, and couldn't agree more. Thank-you for making it Linx. =)
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Re: Guidelines
Post # 3
Honest and fare structure. I agree too!!
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Re: Guidelines
Post # 4
I thought this should go here:

A Priest and Priestess are to act as partners. They are a team. I believe it should be a bond similar to marriage, although at the same time very much different(generally less intimate). The two are similar in the way that in both relationships the male and female should be capable of acting as one person. The similarity is in the way of how in both relationships both halves the whole should be capable of working together flawlessly.

However, again as with marriage, neither half of the whole are the same. It shows a yin-yang type relationship as well. The two should compliment each other even in their differences, my beliefs that contradict yours should lead you to new theories and ideas of possibilities and likewise your beliefs that contradict mine should expand my thinking as well.

We should be one without being one, if that makes sense.

Again, I hope the comparison to marriage didn't make it sound to intimate.

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Re: Guidelines
Post # 5
Thank you
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Re: Guidelines
Post # 6
I do agree with you both Draggy and Linxxus. it is very much important for the Priest and Priestess to communicate and to make all decisions together..and it is very Important for the Priest and Priestess to have and open mind and have good communication skills with not only with each other but the council members and the Coven Members as well. To make a coven Thrive and Survive it takes all the members working and striving together as a family.
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Re: Guidelines
Post # 7
Couldn't have said it better myself.
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Re: Guidelines
Post # 8
i would like to add be open iff you have issues talk together about them ,bring the family together and have debate whatever it is about
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Re: Guidelines
Post # 9
And thats why I love our Clan, yes we get some of the weirdest looks from other Covens. But you know what we don't have most of the issues that other Covens seem to run into on SOM, and in their off sites. Disrespect, arguing, lack of interest, lack of posting? Nope not us, and even better it has become a support system for many. I am just glad that so many can understand what the term Clan or Coven actually means..family. If you treat each other as family, one built on unconditional love and understanding; you will find your Clan or Coven thriving in no time. ;)
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Re: Guidelines
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 10
That is very good thread indeed .I do suspect that many councils members and new priest or priestess have no cue how to run their covens and sometimes even members do not know what are their duties and tasks .Therefore that thread is written enough simple and very effective at same time to give some guidelines for all groups involved into coven structure .But indeed the good coven is that one into which all members work as family and support each other in very different matters and issues .I would say that you two did really good work to explain that .But again to my opinion you both (Draggy and Lin )
have good understanding and are good leaders .Which naturally makes your coven good one .And i will add as well that you two are perfect match ;)Blessed be both and thank you for your effort to help and improve other covens too .
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