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Post # 1
I didn't really know what topic to put this under, so... here it is! So I have three problems I'm hoping someone will help me with, first remember I am 12 years old before replying :) :

I) So I go to another realm that I've gone to for years, it's like a whole nation where animal spirit guides can thrive. The government was overthrown and now I am queen (yes really I am NOT a fluffy nor am I role playing) but whenever I try to visit this realm my lure pulls me back. By that I mean I am an Earth Child; I am most comfortable on earth. So I can stay there for 10 seconds to an hour before some force pulls me back to earth. How can I stay there longer?

II) So I had this friend named Rachel and I barely see her anymore. She had great passion and potential for magic but when we went to middle school she was taken by popularity and forgot all about her magical abilities. How can I reintroduce her to magic?

III) Still about Rachel, I see this demon... She looks exactly like Rachel but looks either older or younger than her but I can't tell. I call the demon Rachel. She has not done any harm to me or threatened me, but she still scares me. She follows me during the day but no one sees her, and she lies under my bed at night. Does this all mean something or am I delusional?

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Re: Problems
Post # 2
hmm. interesting life, princess of another fairy world (sounds a bit pans labyrinth to me.) and monsters under your, i've been through some stuff at the ripe age of 18 but nothing that great! I think the monsters under your bed are probably fake, seeing as your a 12 year old female. your imagination is at the point where it only gets worses from here, as for the fake worlds, they will fall through your fingertips like sand. everyone has them as a child, they are called hopes and dreams, they as real as the keyboard beneath my fingers to you, but to everyone else, they are just your imagination.
so if your not making all of this up, and you truly believe you travel to other worlds and a demon sleeps under your bed, good for you. but if this is still going on by the age of oh I would say 16 I would seek therapy.
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Re: Problems
Post # 3
hahkuhahkuh dont listen to what they say... you are a future and powerful witch dont let anyone change what you are and are to come join my clan and i can help you
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Re: Problems
Post # 4
Sounds exactly like this book a friend of mine wrote and got published last year called "The Thirteen Treasures"...
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Re: Problems
Post # 5
For going to this other world you speak of look into the astral realms, thats what it sounds like to me.

For reintroducing your friend about magick let her come back on her own, if theres a reason why she left theres a reason she'll come back if she's meant to come back.

For seeing the demon you may be clairvoyant if you see/hear anything else. Do protective magick to prevent the demon from ever harming you and you should be okay.

If astral realms and clairvoyance don't sound like what you're experiencing shoot for it being teenage/pre-teen imagination.
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