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2nd Person Spirituality

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2nd Person Spirituality
Post # 1
When you envision either yourself or someone else who has high spiritual power, what do you think of? Most people who channel higher spiritual power use their hands to launch that power. Have you ever felt like you could 'launch' power, out of your own past experiences? There are specific processes that you would need to undergo in order to achieve the ability to project the spirit to any intensity. The formulae for such, according to what has been revealed to me, is much more simple than what you might imagine. In this article I will be revealing how to receive from the spirits the power needed to accomplish goals normally out of human reach.

Today I had a discussion with my spirit guide about how to accomplish this sort of power. My guide relayed that this is very vital information, and he said that this has never been written about before and needs to be shared.
What he informed me about was the crucial step missing in known spiritual work in order to work with a spirit. That is to enable that spirit to fulfill the needs or wants, (if the spirit is willing) of the person who is reaching out to the spirit. It enables you to be filled with the power of a spirit, and also to project that power efficiently.

Before I can explain the technique itself, I will need to clear up on some of the technicalities regarding the terminology that I am going to use. In english class, most of us learn about 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person perspectives for reading and writing. That is to say, for those who may not know:

First person is I. I am; I feel; I know; I think; I will; I do. All of these are first person perspectives. First perspective will usually involve the word I, in respect to the self.
Example: I am a spiritual practitioner; I work with the spirits.

Second person is You. You are; You feel; You know; You will; You do; You think. These are second person perspectives. Second person is from the correlation of the first person, to the second person, almost in a narrative or directive way most of the time. Second person is when the word *you* is used. It is also written in ''command'' form.
Example: You are reading this article; You will try to understand what I am conveying.

Third person is He, She, and They. He is; She does; They are. Third person perspective is in reference to another person or group of people. It can also use names more specifically. In written form, you write from a more 'omniscient' view.
Example: Sally walked down to the beach. Edgar thought about it and agreed. Drue knew about it.

And of course, if you have any further curiousity about perspectives feel free to look it up. There are many other in-depth articles concerning them elsewhere on the net, my description here is simply to fulfill the purpose of this article.

In meditation, when gathering energy, you should consider the state of mind and perspective that you take on. A good focus to have for this task is first, for the self, and third, for the energy around you. This can be effective for gathering the energy but it is not so effective for sending it out, because in that same state of mind first person is the draw point for the energy. To reverse that focus would simply be dispersion.
Instead, it is important to use second person so that there is a direct focus outside of the self, so that the energy will go to a specific person or thing.

With that understood, here is what my spirit guide informed me of-

When meditating with a spirit, what you need to do is place your 'self' in the 2nd person. What this means is to view yourself as the 'you' wherein what you normally feel as 'I' will be the spirit. Another way of looking at it is, reverse perspectives between yourself and the spirit, so that you have placed your 'I' awareness in the spirit's perspective. And by 'I' awareness I mean the awareness that you have of yourself. Simply, you will need to consider the spirit as yourself and the 'I' and the 'you'. For the duration of the exercise with the spirit after that, you will act out what you want that spirit to do from it's perspective, by considering what the spirit needs to do and willing it as if you were that spirit. This is not only vital, it is necessary for larger workings- Especially ones where the spirit would need to either connect to the physical, or to directly effect you, a person, or a situation. This is so that the spirit will first of all, know what it is exactly you need them to do. And second of all, it allows the spirit to work within your free will because you have consciously lent it that *will* for what you want it to achieve.

There are many reasons you might want to accomplish this. For instance, If you want the spirits to open up spiritual abilities. I will simply use the ability to hear the spirits as as example, but this could also be applied to the spiritual senses of taste, touch, sight, and smell. You would need to connect with your spirit, and while connected, be aware of how you feel thinking directly towards the spirit in the 'you' sense. ''You, I am connecting with you.'' Be familiar with you 'I' sense. ''You are connecting with me, I am connecting with you.'' Your spirit would need to connect to you and open up your sense to hear. But in order to do that, the spirit would need you to put yourself in his/her shoes so to speak, by shifting your awareness to view yourself from the vantage point of the spirit. It is as if you are taking the wheel of the spirit's will and directing it towards what it actually needs to do. You will need to be aware of the spirit, and then, associate your consciousness with that spirit instead of yourself. From there, you would then use the energy of the spirit, AS the spirit, to connect with and open up the chakras at your temples, (by your ears) to hearing the spirit's voices. This will simulate for the spirit, what you want the spirit to do. And it will cause the spirit to be able to open your hearing for you, because you will have allowed it to be within your free will, BY bring the spirit into your will.

Here is a general summary of what you would need to do-

Get into your meditative state. Focus on and connect with the spirit. Then, place your first persective within the spirit that you are connected with and will what it is that you intend for that spirit to do. The spirit will still have the option as to whether or not to do it. But, the fact that you placed yourself in the spirit, and willed out what you needed it to do, will enable the spirit to do those things if it is willing. If you need empowerment from the spirit, then you would place yourself in the spirit's perspective. Your self would be in the second perspective. Second Perspective means ''you*. Then you would will what that spirit would need to do for or *with* you.

Doing this is necessary, as I said, to fill yourself with the power of a spirit. Higher spiritual power is necessary for more productive and higher spiritual work. Going back to what I mentioned at the start of the article. Once you have received the power of the spirit, you may then distribute that energy out from yourself. I will state here also that most of the energy that flows through the body disperses out of your hands. The hands are very important tools when working with spiritual power, for channeling the energy. I will write more on that in another article.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
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Re: 2nd Person Spirituality
Post # 2
Thank you for the awesome article, Beine. :)
It's a bit hard to wrap the mind around it, the change of perspectives, I mean, but doable.
Great help for spiritualist!

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