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Sigil Magick

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Sigil Magick
Post # 1
Lately lots of people have been asking me what is sigil magick?How you do it?Do you need to be experienced to do it and such?so there ya go.)) Enjoy^-^ -Phil Hine/Chaos Magick

Sigilisation is one of the simplest and most effective forms of
results magick used by contemporary magicians. Once you
have grasped the basic principles of sigilisation and
experimented with some of the most popular methods of
casting sigils, you can go on to experimenting with forms of
sigil magick which are unique to you.
The core Sigilisation process can be divided into six stages,
which I will explain using the acronym S.P.L.I.F.F.
S - Specify Intent
P - Pathways available
L - Link intent to symbolic carrier
I - Intense Gnosis/Indifferent Vacuity
F - Fire
F - Forget
1.Specify Intent
The first stage of the process is that you should get your magical intent clear - as precise as possible without, at the same time,being too overcomplicated. Vague intentions usually give rise to vague results, and the clearer the initial statement of intent is, the more likely you are to get accordant results. An aquaintance of mine once did a sigil to manifest a lover, and
gave very precise details on how this paragon should look,
what kind of car he should drive, etc. Needless to say, her
‘desire’ manifested exactly as she had specified, and she
discovered too late that she had forgotten to specify
‘intelligence’ in her sigil, and was lumbered with a bore!

2.Pathways Available
Generally, sigils are excellent for bringing about precise, shortterm results, which makes them excellent for works of Results
Magick - healing, habit manipulation, inspiration,
dreamcontrol, and the like. It is generally considered useful if
you ‘open’ a path for the intent to manifest along. There is a
standard magical example about working for ‘money’ that goes
along the lines of: Frater Bater does a spell for money and
waits for the multiverse to provide him with the readies. In the
following months he gains financially after the sudden deaths
of relatives, receiving industrial compensation after falling into a combine harvester, and so on. Had he made sure that there
was a possible pathway or route for the result to come in on,
like writing a book (ha ha), writing off for a new job, or entering a lottery, he might have had a better time of it. This is the way magick often works, and shows that the multiverse, if nothing else, has a slappy sense of humour.
3.Link Intent
Once you have decided upon your intent, it can then be turned
into a symbolic analogue or code - a signal on which you can
focus varying degrees of attention on, without recalling your
initial desire. The most common approaches to this are:
(a) Monogram - write out your intent, knock out all repeating
letters, and from the rest, design a glyph.
(b) Mantra - write out intent, scramble into meaningless phrase
or word, which can then be chanted.
In addition to the above, you can also use other media such as
smell, taste, colours, body language, and hand gestures.

4.Intense Gnosis/Indifferent Vacuity
Sigils can be projected into the mutliverse via an act of Gnosis
- usually, but not necessarily, within some kind of ritual/magical context. Popular routes to Gnosis include: spinning, chanting, dancing, visualisation, sensory overload or sensory deprivation,and sexual arousal. The other ‘altered state’ is that of Indifferent
Vacuity - a sort of ‘not-particularlybothered’ state. An example
of sigilisation by this route is to doodle sigils whilst listening to a talk which is boring, but you have to take notes on.
This is simply the projection of the sigil into the void or
multiverse at the ‘peak’ of Gnosis/Vacuity. Examples of this
include orgasm, reaching the point of blackout from
hyperventilation or being asked a question about the boring
talk that you were supposed to have been listening to.
Once your sigil has been fired, you’re supposed to forget the
original intent and let the Butterfly Effect or whatever take its
course. Forgetting what you just did can often be the hardest
part of the process. It’s not so bad if the intent is something
you don’t really care about (hence beginning with sigils for
things you aren’t really too fussed about is a good way to begin
experiments), but is more difficult if it’s something you really
want to happen. As long as you don’t dwell on the thoughts
when they pop up, it shouldn’t matter too much. Time for
another analogy.
The ever-changing tangle of desires, wishes, fears, fantasies
etc jostling around in our minds can be likened to a garden,
albeit a somewhat unruly and overgrown one; flowers, weeds,
creepers, and the occassional buried gardening rake. Going
through the sigilisation process can be likened to becoming
suddenly enthusiastic about tidying the garden up. You isolate
one plant (i.e. your intent), seperate it from the others, feed it,water it and prune it ‘til it stands out from the rest and is clearly visible on the landscape, and then suddenly get bored with the whole job and go indoors to watch television. The trick is,next time you look at the ‘garden’, not to notice the plant you so recently lavished attention on.
If the intent gets tangled up with all the other stuff in your
head, you tend to start projecting various fantasy outcomes -
what you’ll do with the money when it comes, how will it be
with the boy/girl/anteater of your dreams, etc and the desire
will get run into all the others, thus decreasing the probability
of it manifesting in the way you want it to.
A useful attitude to have when casting sigils is that once you’ve
posted one off to the multiverse (which, like Santa, always
gets the message), then you’re sure that it’s going to work, so
that you don’t need to expend any more effort on that particular
one. Such confidence tends to arise out of having had some
success with sigils previously. The result often comes about
when the intent has become latent - that is to say, you’ve
completeley forgotten about it and given up on it coming about.
The experience is similar to trying to hitch a lift on deserted
road in the dead of night. You’ve been there for hours, it’s
pouring down with rain and you ‘know’ with an air of dread
certainty that no one’s going to stop for you now, but you stick
your thumb out anyway. What the hell, eh? Five minutes later,
you get a lift from the boy/girl/anteater of two sigils back,
driving a porsche and asking you how far you want to go.
Maddening isn’t it? But sigilisation often seems to work like.:P

Love and Light xx
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Re: Sigil Magick
Post # 2
Also I need to add that Phil Hine's Chaos Magick is a fantastic book.I recommend it to ya all.

Love and Light xx
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Re: Sigil Magick
Post # 3
For the Monogram type of sigils, it can either be a one word, several words to a single effect, or a whole sentence. Also, you can use all of the letters included or choose as you go. It really is based on what you think looks good and will work.

Also, Monogram sigils do not have to be made out of the letters of words. They can be made out of symbols, like for a luck sigil you would put things like four leaf clovers and horseshoes and such as a glyph.
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Re: Sigil Magick
Post # 4
Also, sigilization as we know it was created by Spare if I remember right.

And "The Book of Results" by Ray Sherwin is a good book for making sigils of all kinds, as well as a good book in general. Lol.
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Re: Sigil Magick
Post # 5
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Re: Sigil Magick
Post # 6
Also, if you check my photos (which are always public) you will see several examples of the Monogram style by Phil Hine as well as an example of how I get the images I do. ^___^ If you ever need help with them, I can always be asked. I am always online, however I might not be awake if you try to contact me, so a mail if I don't reply immediately is best. Also...sigils are lovely to draw. :D
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Re: Sigil Magick
Post # 7
I love drawing sigils too!That's it XD Creativity

Love and Light xx
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Re: Sigil Magick
Post # 8
Sigilisation was originally popularised by Spare, yes.

Another method which I have found to be quite effective is the use of non-Roman scripts to create monogram-type sigils. For example, glossing your Intent into Hebrew and then transliterating it into Transitus Fluvii; or transliterating it directly into Theban Script. The greater the degree of obsfuscation, the easier it is to attain Gnosis.

(Of course, usual disclaimer of "don't try this with Enochian/Malachim/Celestial/T.F./etc. unless you're happy with the encipherment, and with the specific meanings of the scripts". Some scripts have almost an inherent power of their own, or at least resonate with certain forms of magick. This is why creating your own magickal script might be a better idea.)
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