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What is this?

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What is this?
Post # 1
Alright, so I've had some weird changes in habits lately. I'm just going to list them and you tell me if I'm over reacting.

-I can't sleep at all at night. When I do fall asleep it's very light. I don't even reach REM, which has never been a problem for me. *When the sun rises, however, I wake up, go back to sleep, and sleep like I normally do.
*-I want something to eat, but I don't know what. I havn't been eating as much as usual, and I'm never hungry, but I do feel like I need to eat.
*-I used to base my studies on werewolves, fairies, elves, and ghosts. I never had any interest in vampires. Now I've got an odd facination, in the factual aspect and fictional aspect. I'm watching vampire shows, reading books about them(I've always hated vampire books), and wanting to learn more in general.
-I've been, and this will sound weird, but craving black. I want litterally no light to enter my pupils. I just havn't been able to find that. Normally, dreams of black would scare me. Now, they are comferting.
-I love the night and being out in it. I've been like that for years, but when I go out now, I want to go somewhere, do something.
-I get random headaches that come just as the sun sets, and only go away when the moon sets.
-I've been more attracted to water. I want to swim, take long showers, go out in the rain, anything. It's odd, because I've known practically my whole life that my element is earth. But now I have the same attraction, but to water.

The ones with asterics(*) next to them havn't lasted as long as the others. They started just this week.

So, what do you think is going on? Am I just sick, or just going through a phase or something?
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Re: What is this?
Post # 2
I dont know really maybe your turning more wiccan such as we love outdoors and all elements on the earth maybe you are finding your true element maybe its actually water. i think ur going threw a phase of turning more wiccan.Loving black doesnt make u a vampires dark outside and stuff is to do with wiccan i love the outdoors soo much more now im going threw a phase turning more wiccan. Dont worry your just turning more to ur true self wiccan.:D
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Re: What is this?
Post # 3
well a lot of the same things are going on with me but instead of water its fire and lighting, its not really rain but thunderstorms and no headaches but other than that the same thing is going on with me. but ive loved the night my whole life and im pretty much nocturnal haha. and sometimes nothings more comferting than knowing youre not alone and really i guess thats what im saying to you and if i find anything that might be helpful ill let you know. (also not the vampire thing haha closest to that with me is i constantly leech energy from everyone and everything so...)
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Re: What is this?
Post # 4
I'm like that awell I don't sleep at night but can in the day I also get migranes and enjoy going out after dark,but its not becuase i'm wiccan (EVEN WITH the name im not wiccan) I think it has something to do with the sun getting stronger and the days getting lnger that are bodies don't need to sleep as much or something or your not used to going out in the sun because there hasn't been much this year and your not used to it althoug that doesn't explain the sllep thing. Im not much help am i:( sorry
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