What spell to use first?

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What spell to use first?
Post # 1
Hi people i am new to this site and also of being a wizard! i dont even know if i can do magic at all! i used a rain spell before and the day i used it, it really rained! But any way does anyone know like what kind of wand a waizard needs or what spell to use first (or that is easy) also what not to use (such as like wands and stuff). so just give me some ponters please.
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Re: What spell to use fir
Post # 2
well magic is basically manipulation of our energy(ki),,,,our thoughts is also a energy....and whatever kind of magic u do,dont do it with a intention to harm anyone,,,its a negative karma,,,karmic debts will result in suffering,,and vice versa,,its good if u choose some higher beings for guidance and help,,it mayb some deity,,,i've taken refuge in buddhas,,,and dont take refuge in spirits,,,because some might be evil too,,and they are inferior to supreme power to,,,just be friends with the spirits dont make them some one who guides you,,,just take there help,,,

and for magic,,strengthen your basics,,practice meditation,visualisation,,and some weather spells for a begining,,,and ya take note of the moon phases,,,feel the emotions,,understand the meaning of the spells b4 u cast them n most important believe in magic,,,
and about the wand and other items,,,they are just to help u come in a mood for casting spells,,well athame and all has some other uses aswell but the real thing is inside u the magic is inside u,,,,chant" om mani pemay hum" its a great mantra,,for purification,,blessings,,wishfullfillment,,and so many,,check in the web for its ,meaning,,,and be patience,,,nothing happens in a flash.....gud luck
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Re: What spell to use first?
Post # 3
There's a lot more too it than the idea of magic from movies and video games, remember that. :)
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Re: What spell to use first?
Post # 4
Well, I have to say that there are many more tools than a wand, but if you are looking to make a wand, by all means go a head and make one. First things first, however, it might be useful to understand some of the theories on how a wand works.

This theory on how a wand works is something I've learned from my first Magick teaching book (Essential Wicca by Paul Tuitean and Estelle Daniels). In it, they teach that the wand is used as a resonating magnet. It can repel and attract energies in a resonating fashion. It does this because of the 'rings' naturally or made into the wand. The wand can also store the energies of the kinds of spells you use with it. You may or may not want this to happen, only if you use something particularly nasty and are not in the habit of doing such a spell.
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