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Meridian System

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Meridian System
Post # 1
This is something i have become very interested in recently and i am studying more.

The Meridian System of subtle energy is at the heart of traditional chinese medicine .Knowledge of the meridians and the acupunture points requires extensive in-depth study.Most crystal healer do not work with the Meridian System due to this.
However you can combine the energy of crystals with the Meridian System using useful straight forward healing procedures.The correct placement of crystals on a Meridian point can make dramatic changes to a persons well-being.

The Meridian system has twelve main energy channels that follow and recognized pathways near the surface of the skin.Although it is one intergrated system,each meridian has a starting point and an ending point, which indicates direction of flow and function.Each meridian is named after an organ or function,such as the liver or stomach,but this can be misleading in the West.
The physical organ is only a small aspect of the type of energy with which a meridian deals.The functions ascribed to physical organs by the Chinese rarely have any recognizable Western correlations.It is generally thought that the Meridians are non-physical,or etheric,vessels providing the physical body with the subtle nutrition of chi or life energy,recent research suggests that the meridians are at least at some levels superfine physical structures.The acupunture points along each meridian have clearly indentified as having a different electrical potential to non-acupunture points,injecting minute amounts of a marker substance has demonstrated that it migrates rapidly out from the acupunture pressure point along very specific pathways distinct from any nerve or blood vessels.Close examinationof these pathways shows a system that parallels and interweaves with known physical organs and systems,it contains a fluid that has some similarities to the blood and lymph,when experimenters severed those channels around the organ cellular disruption followed.The arrangement of this microscopic system suggests that it comes into being before any other cellular differentation and may act as a template for the development of the body.In addition to the twelve meridians that flow on each side of the body, there are many other vessels that feed the chi energy into smaller channels for distibution.The most important extra channels are the conception vessel and the governing vessel,both of which possess acupunture points and flow up the midline of the body.
These two channels help to maintain the chi flow within the entire system and affect vitality and health.

~Meridian Balancing with a Quartz~

Hold the center of a clear terminateed quartz between the thumb and index finger and turn it around with the other hand for a couple of minutes,repeat this process with each finger using ones thumb as the balancing point(meaning the quartz is to be between the thumb and each seperate finger )Repeat the procedure with your other hand.
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Re: Meridian System
Post # 2
Meridian Massage helps to balance the whole meridian system by reinforcing the natural direction of each meridian's flow. The flow of energy around the body often becomes sluggish or reversed when the body and mind has been placed under long term stress or immediate shock. Although it is a simple technique, meridian massage can have profound beneficial effects and makes a claming and highly therapeutic daily practice.

Effective stones for re-balancing are - rose quartz, amber, heliodor, clear quartz, tourmaline, and lapis lazuli.

1 - Choose an appropriate stone, by dowsing if necessary. With the stone in your left hand, starting at the heart, move up along the chest and down the inside of the right arm.

2 - Move around the fingers and up the outside of the arm to the shoulder and neck.

3 - Repeat the movement with the stone in your right hand on your left side.

4 - Both hands together, sweep up your face and over your head as far down the neck and back as you can go.

5 - Then reach up your back and sweep the crystal down your back and down the backs of your legs to your feet.

6 - Pass around your feet and back up the inside of your legs and midline to your heart. This is one circuit.

7 - After finishing a number of circuits, move the stone from the base chakra to the lower lip several times.

8 - Then move the stone or crystal from the base of the spine and up the backbone as far as possible, and then reach over your head to draw the crystal across your upper back, head and face to your upper lip. Repeat this movement several times.

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