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Vampires / werewolves?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Vampires / werewolves?
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Vampires / werewolves?
Post # 1
*WARNING: This is a topic that most people will not belive. Do not come in here saying we are insane or stupid. Thank you.*

Now, I have a few questions for those who know a lot about REAL vampires/werewolves, not the movies.

1)Is there any natural rivalry between vampires and werewolves, or is that played up?

2)What would happen if a very strong phycic/energy vampire and a very strong werewolf were to have a child? Would it be extremly strong and cause a problem?

Thank you for your help if you do.

Re: Vampires / werewolves?
Post # 2
I am afraid that I have yet to meet a REAL vampire or werewolf. And I've been looking, on and off, for thirty-odd years.

I've met lots of people who for one reason or another were PRETENDING to be vampires and werewolves. But no actual examples, more's the pity. I have therefore been forced, with a great deal of reluctance, to conclude that vampires and werewolves are mythical creatures, like unicorns, and mermaids, and Honest Politicians.

In answer to your questions:

1. It's all fiction. Utter bosh and twaddle. I know several self-described vampires and werewolves whose mutual enmity extends no further than cut-throat attitude toward duplicate bridge.

2. At a bare minimum, the child would no doubt grow up horribly conflicted and would eventually spend lots and lots of money on therapist's bills. The child will also likely reject both parents' preferred lifestyles and will decide to become an accountant.

Re: Vampires / werewolves?
By: / Adept
Post # 3
LOL, Fragarach! Honest politians!

Re: Vampires / werewolves?
Post # 4
I am a psychic vampire (meaning I can draw energy from others, but I choose not to unless I absolutely need it). There is no real conflict between vampires and werewolves. I know a few werewolves and they are good people. I'm even married to one. :P

As for the thing with the children, I don't really know about that one sorry. :/

Re: Vampires / werewolves?
Post # 5
Oh, good questions. I am not a vampire, but I know...somethings about them. But to me there are many different kinds, depending on levels of training and stuff.

My Answer to number one: Well, there will always war between two powerful forces, but like humans one can befriend the other power.
My answer to number two: Hm, my guess is that they would be able to be very power and be able to learn/ instinctively know how to use both sides powers or strengths. I bet they would be able to be stronger then their parents with training from a stronger individual or self training.

Re: Vampires / werewolves?
Post # 6
Lilwindstorm, I think it would really depend on how said parents really decide how to raise them though. I mean, it would be kind of detrimental to a child's social health (which is really equally important to their physical health) if they were to go around in preschool or kindergarten saying they are a vampire or werewolf. IMO, such subjects are better brought up when they are maybe 7 or so. Most children at that age tend to remember their dreams better. I say this because when I was younger at about that age is when I awakened to my vampiric side and started having the levitation/flying dreams that are often associated with vampirism. When they start having questions about that (and this is where having a very open relationship with your children comes in) is where you should start telling about your own experiences should come in. Wow, I'm sorry I went off on a huge tangent there. lol

Re: Vampires / werewolves?
Post # 7
Ah, good point...I know how kids think. "Rawr, Imma vampire!" Other kids: o_o Okay coolio? -shuns-
Well, they could always home school their child..? It would be safer to tell the kid farther along the age line though. Some reason the whole idea of school and socialism didn't come to me in that subject. If only there was a little vampire school somewhere for kids like that...o_o Imma feel so weird if there is and I don't know it. Oh well, lol.

Re: Vampires / werewolves?
Post # 8
Actually, that would be cool if there was a school for vampires! Someone needs to do this. lol

Re: Vampires / werewolves?
Post # 9
It would be a lot easier on the Vampire/lycan kids. I mean homeschooling wouldn't give them a chance to play with others...or react with them. But in a school like that, they will be able to develope their skills and make friends that will understand their needs and stuff. It is a great idea! There would just be the problem of stupid people wanting to destroy it...-thinks-

Re: Vampires / werewolves?
Post # 10
Ugh, ya... people do have an irrational fear of things that they don't understand. Not to say that I'm not one of them from time to time. lol But to overcome those fears, one must get to understand them in the first place. But not a whole lot of people think that way, unfortunately.

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