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Name: LilWindStorm
Location: Tennessee
Gender: Female
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Well, I will start from the beginning, I have always been attracted to the paranormal, magic, and more. I?ve been able to communicate with spirits since I was younger then five. (don?t know the correct age.). My favorite animal is the wolf, I?ve always felt a connection with them ever since I was in second grade, when I saw my first wolf. It was a rainy day, I was stuck in my dads car as him and my mother was inside their old house, then?I saw through the darkness a beautiful white coat, bright yellow eyes glowing in the distance? A large white wolf made itself perfectly visible to me as we stared at each other for a few moments, then I saw it turn away, then my mom and dad got in the car, they said they didn?t see it.
Another thing about me is my eyes change four different colors, depending on what is going on and my emotions.
Brown: Normal eye color, usually means I am bored or content.
Red(light brown with a red two tone): Extra happy or feeling loved.
Yellow: Sick, spiritual energy is up, danger is near, or angered.
Green: Yeah, this has only happened a few times, so I have no flippin? clue.
I love the sun and moon equally, they both make me happy to be in. My element is wind, I am able to control it to a degree. I can also control fire, but not as well or easily as the wind.
Oh, and I have been reincarnated 7-9 times, I haven?t discovered them all, but I?ve discovered a good amount. If your curious ask me about them.
I am a very helpful, happy, social person, so feel free to talk to me. Don?t worry, I am open minded, and am easy to talk to.
Warning: I am taken, so stop hitting on me, please! D=
Want to know more? Hey, look a way to mail! -^^- Thanks for reading.