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Is Wicca Right for you

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Is Wicca Right for you
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
Religion; time has taught me that it is an individual search for a connection with a higher power, a creation of purpose, and a source of answer to a questioned soul. There are in fact many religions, more than those that are recorded, or recognized as such; and so we all have a large menu fro where to choose.

I personally love the study of religion, because it not only gives you a larger understanding of the human necessity, but also let's you see a kind of link, connecting beliefs to each other. Now, I am not saying every religion is the same, at all! But there is a common factor, or factors that can be used to compare most them with others. I will not touch this subject because there are a lot of controversies, and misconceptions; as well as bias.

So many people feel that there is a hole inside, a hole that maybe some of the bigger popular religions do not fill. Other's simply need to have something to hold on to. So the question is, when do you know Wicca is the way. For starters there are so many paths that have similar beliefs that Wicca also holds, so is magick your reason?

Now I write this to show my concern, my concern of my very sacred path, which is probably yours too. And I cannot help but think, what is the definition of Wicca many people who look for Wicca, are receiving? How has Wicca suddenly become an "a la Carta", where you can be a wiccan, just like that?

Do some of these people even know the principles of Wicca? Now, I do not like criticizing people, but I do like respect; and for me it's just very disrespectful, to think Wicca is the only way.

Oh, please do not get me wrong. Wicca is beautiful, but for those who take it seriously. And I feel so bad, when there are people who say -I am Wiccan, but I don't know, Wicca, fills me, but not enough- Now, hasn't it occured to you, that maybe this means that Wicca is not for you? So where to start?

What do you want? What is spirituality for you? What should it embark? Look for it, but do not just stay in the swamp because -it's ok-.

Let's not get lost on the reasons for religion. Before choosing, and after choosing, always analyze. Do I feel comfortable? What is missing? What do I believe in?
How can I be a Wiccan, but I don't believe that nature is sacred! Yes that happens, and I do not feel good about it. Do not enter a religion if you are not going to abide by this one's obvious beliefs. Well I don't know what is the feel of other's on this. But this is my concern.

There are a whole variety of religions that engulf magick, deities, and other beliefs. Try Hinduism, Shinto, Taoism, there is a whole list that can roll down and down and down; Hermetics? Free-Masonry. But let's keep sacredness, and respect to the maximum; and if you're not sure, don't boast you are something, that obviously you are not being.

It is not about the naming, or titles. It is about finding a place, a correct place; in yourself, and while doing this not trashing the place of other's who are happily prancing on their meadows.
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Re: Is Wicca Right for you
Post # 2
Awesome post !!! Love it !!!
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