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To keep it secret or not?

Forums ► Wicca ► To keep it secret or not?

To keep it secret or not?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 1

I am sorry to post controversial topics, but I do believe they are interesting and important to analyze. When it comes to Wicca, or Paganism (whoever you like to term your beliefs, though yes, Wicca is not the broad branch Paganism is) sometimes the questions will come to mind, talk about it?

I mean, seriously who wouldn't want to at least talk a bit about the God and Goddess, and how magick is beautiful good and helps our lives from time to time?

In alot of covens, secrecy of a rule, and I think that is a good respectable rule. If you read some books that site witchcraft rules in the old times, you find it that it is said -to keep your art silent and never to talk about the gifts-. I am not quoting.

Modern times have given Wicca, Paganism, and our craft a huge commercialization; the community grows and grows, until many of us are in the public eye. Many a people know what it means to wear a pentacle, and what it means when somehow the neighbor is kind of "weird", they bow to the moon, and have weird special "ceremonies".

Wicca has been part of documentaries, series (though I personally dont like how they have portrayed the religion); we have grown to have music groups, gatherings, and book publishings. Some covens have even allowed and filmed their rituals, some can even be found on youtube.

How many times have I not wanted to scream out I AM WICCAN! And had to hold back because of discrimination. Many have not experienced it, but some, like myself have. Because I do not believe that hiding my reality is being myself. Its not about bursting out, yes I'm a witch, yes I light up candles, and believe in spirits, and familiars. But to create awareness in a society that seems to not want to be aware (this is my case of course).

SO my question is, should it be kept, or said? Should we suffer racism because of our beliefs, and stay quiet in order to have a job!? (Employers can get so unprofessional when they learn about your private life) Or should we stand up and try to make the best of it?

I stand between two sides, one that says -no, dont say it- and one that says -scream out!- I do believe it depends on the situations, but then should it?
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Re: To keep it secret or not?
Post # 2
I know how you feel Sesa. You and I have already somewhat discussed this and you know my situation. Just remember that we aren't alone in being forced to keep our beliefs a secret.
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Re: To keep it secret or not?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I'm the same way, the only one in my family that knows of my beleifs is my sister, and only cause she's the same way.

Personally I think the problem more comes with people not understanding, or misunderstanding. Its like in your other thread "wicca is hip", people don't seem to rly understand what it rly means to be wiccan, pagan, or in my case wizard. They'd rather just think of the images that hollywood portrays(which we all know is far from reality).

I have told a few of my friens, and I've been met with the expected reaction, not taken seriously or anything. I did have an interesting run in with a couple christians this past wkend though. The one seemed quite understanding and interested when I got mentioning how the King James Bible they were trying to sell(it was at a yard sale i was at) had the triquetral on it. So we got discussin that a bit.

Then I went just down the street to another yardsale, and on my way bk to my car the other person got to asking me some things about my beliefs and such, and I held myself bk a lot. I had to play nice and let them go on thier spu without countering it and proving many of her pts wrong and all. I think the reason for my hold bk mainly is cause I knew it wouldn't have made any difference, like my opinion rly wouldn't have been heard or believed.

I guess all in all, there are some that u can win, and others its not worth it. That is to say, tell those that you trust and are understanding and open of your feelings and beliefs. And for the rest, let it be, if it'll lead to conflict at work/loss of job, or other such things don't go for it. Of course, that isn't to say that there isn't time to stand up for ur beliefs, and confront those that would appose u, just do it wisely :).

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Re: To keep it secret or not?
Post # 4
Glim I agree I've met alot of ignorant people claiming wicca is "sacrificing animals" "kidnaping and killing children" I even had a priest tell me "Everytime a witch casts a spell it hurts god man were not made for this" the meaning of misunderstood is way beyond what people think I Don't even bother bringing it up anymore unless im talking to ignorant people like this oh yes them yelling and making themselves look like morons is priceless
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Re: To keep it secret or not?
Post # 5
Most people know i'm a "pagan". I just say that people nod there heads go ohh ok and then some ask more questions and thats when i go into details if they wish to know. I think it also depends where you are in the world. Here people are pretty accepting. The uk has a huge mix of culture now. Obviously you will get some opposition but alas only my friends and family know. Some of them may not be to sure of it but they accept it as me.
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Re: To keep it secret or not?
Post # 6
There's folks in our community who will just never get it, and so I stay in the broom closet with them. It's not worth the trouble.

That said, we also run the local Pagan Night Out and have for years as well as hold quasi-public rituals and workshops at our home. So if you're interested in Wicca or Neo-Paganism, witchcraft, etc. it's not that hard to find us.
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Re: To keep it secret or
Post # 7
In my opinion wicca is one of the most misunderstood religions. I can't tell you how many people that I've told I'm Wiccan and have been asked if I sacrifice cats and small children. It makes me sad that people wont take the time to look into the real religion and only look at what they see on TV. I think it is important that the general public be informed of all religions including Wicca. I believe that no your religion should never have to be a secret and if people were not afraid of the things they don't understand then it would never even be a concern that someone is Wiccan or Pagan.
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Re: To keep it secret or not?
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
Well all i can say is i had been around a lot of different Religions,Fraternities,and Teachings.

And to my surprise Wicca have some deep and hidden knowledge of this world, Wicca knows how to tap into Mother nature and the Universe to get what ever they want in life.

So my advice as a newbie to all Wicca members here who have a problem with the way people think about you and your belief, Is to simply cast a spell of understanding upon a Charm and take it with you where ever you go.

And this will help to open the eye's of the blind to Wicca.

Who's knows this sounds so crazy it just might work.

Blessed Be.
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Re: To keep it secret or not?
Post # 9
So many people push others away for their beliefs and this just proves how shallow minded they are. What people should realise is that everyone is individual and everyone can do what they want as long as they don't push for others to follow or believe but instead help guide and advice them. I think free expression should be praised and valued, not ignored or penalised.

~ HrafnElska
-Gods Bless * Frigga Protect
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Re: To keep it secret or not?
Post # 10
I generally tell a small amount of people. I'm somewhat private about some things and just wait til I know I can trust a person with certain personal information anyways. Definitely NOT fear, but caution and well, I typically believe that things all happen in DUE time. So, when the time is right in telling someone something in particular, I'll know it.

America as a whole lacks identity and we have way too many issues and conflicts at the moment (I am proud of my country but not blind to what's going on around us). It starts at the very top and trickles all the way down. Politics just argtues and debates, especially focusing only on a minute amount of problems (i.e. the "in" thing to discuss). As a whole, we're "PC sensitive"-- and it's not just about race either.

We have been having to walk on egg shells and that's because society fails to recognize personal responsibility and peace only comes from acceptance and respect.

I really wish that Wicca was given our break finally. We DO have the internet after all, so everyone has the option to do the research and learn about it. They do have the tools to find out what Wicca is about and what we do. Besides their lack of knowdlege, I also believe they don't care to learn about what we're really about, yanno? They're comfortable with their prejudice and lack of a better word.. ignorance.

I just pray that we as a whole get better. =)
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