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Name: unnoticable
Birthday: Sep 29 1990
Location: best kept secret.
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To start I can't give you my name for reasons but I will give you my nick names Unno, Dogg, Maki, Marooner, Sleepy, Lock and Shade. I came from three hell holes of a home an island, a ghetto, and a lunatic adoptive family. I disspeared from all of them alot of people wonder about me whats my story why I'm so queit and they always get the same awnser. "None of your dam business Kind sir/mam" but I dont mind telling about who I was back then When I lived on the island I was a theif. When I lived in the ghetto I was a stoner, alchy, pill poper, crack head, and coke nose I quit that tho and with my lunatic fake family I was the "possesed" child. Anuff of that tho As for some other things I'm christian with a certain beleif that god manupulated sceince to make us. My ethenics I can't say (yes I even keep that a secret) And another thing I've recently learned from tests, and mind readers. Is I have 3 different personalitys My first one is a personality my mind made from all the emotional and physical pain I've taken. The 2nd one is my evil my dark my silent deadly unoticed broken hearted devil(you don't ever want to meet that part of me). My last one is my regular self the normal me, I never know witch state of mind I'm in One day I could be My devil the next my normal self and not remeber a thing. I also have a unexplained sleep disorder I'll have a dream It'll turn into a nightmare ill wake up. Heart beating 50 times in 5 seconds, a headake, Passing out 15 minutes again after that (forcefully but thats sometimes) According to one smart person I've met with something similar. Its extreme sleep aneixty its for those who always worry all the time I don't ever think I worry but it doesn't mean my mind doesn't As for my magick Airokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Shadow magick, Energy magick, Some necromancing, a good few attempts in biokinesis (changing my eye color) That came with results atleast and thank the gods I didn't go blind. And last Illusion magick