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Post # 1
Ok, so I am getting started into magik and look forward to learning and casting new spells. However, I feel like I'm in trouble. So, as a little background for your understanding, I was born psychic. Also as I grew up I noticed that my ability to see spirits deminished to just feeling their pressure. Now it might be normal but I did notice that as I was scared of being possessed a few months ago I wore a protective necklace at all times. The at last I removed it and now I feel like my mind is blocked from me. Like I can't use my spiritual powers at all.
Can anyone tell me what the heck is going on here?
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Re: Help!
Post # 2
I have been given charms like that yes. And I knew what the effect was either if you made the charm figure away out of it or the person who made it for you ask for advice. Also mediation may help alot. And do not go rushing thinking they come back they may be just binded a little.
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Re: Help!
Post # 3
My thoughts exactly Mistress, though let me elaborate a tad more. :)

Children often are born with gifts; it is the very "growing up" that diminishes them. As you grow older your mind, as you know, will change drastically in short amounts of time. Such as puberty; when you start wanting to be older and older and possibly wanting to be a full adult. Children view their parents as the ultimate, ideal adults. And like many others you parents probably weren't all that knowledgeable in divination (psychic development), and they surely didn't want you to grow up crazy. Not having an innate drawing to anything like divination if they were interested... wasn't enough to keep you so interested that you were actually going to train and keep your powers up there with you rapidly changing mind. As everyone knows, powers will dissipate over time if you don't do anything or do enough to keep them fresh and strong.

Now then about the charm:
When someone uses or wears a charm for a long period of time their energy will- as said above- bind to that charm, or rather transfer to it in such large quantities that your body very nearly views it as a weaker limb. Yes, your chakras will start to make it stronger as if it's a part of you that has a bit of energy deprivation. Being the center of psychic powers, chakras do have limits. And as charms emit large amounts of energy into the Universe to fulfill their very reason; it will eventually being to use too much energy from your chakras as they're still pumping it like their your heart and the charms was cut off circulation for a long time. You take off that charm along with that part of your body that was circulating all that psi energy- you will feel the effects.

Energy circulates like blood; if your injured (in this case removing the charm after so long) your energy will flow freely for a while in large amounts from that injured area (where your charm used to be).

Meditation is a wonderful idea to help keep your strength.

I would also suggest a simple spell of concealment to that area cutting off the "circulation" to where your charm used to be.

Get your rest and do plenty of easy going, and relaxing meditation.
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Re: Help!
Post # 4
Well executed Lady Snow ^_^ i love it!
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