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Magickal tips

Forums ► General Info ► Magickal tips

Magickal tips
Post # 1
For those of you who were in chatter with me when i gave these out, here are the tips as promised.

1) you can negate hexes and jinxes by using a mixture of dill and salt and scatter around the home.

2) Every spell has special laws, protection spells have their own main law. If you invite something in that protection in null and void, invitation of evil can be by anyone in that home intentional or not, in the form of a simple greeting someone/something into a home. A formal summoning with or without the use of a circle.

3) it is said keeping a piece of star anise in the pocket can bring good luck.

4) carrying garlic in the pocket or purse can protect you from hexes,jinxes, vampires (blood ones which hardly exist any more )
and demons

5) basil carried upon oneself or placed in the corners of a room or home can protect you from hex-craft and poltergeists. Also a basil leaf in a cup of morning tea can improve the memory significantly

6) To keep an enemy hexed strew tilia in the door way once a week.

7) burn brimstone outside the doorway to dispel demons

8) powered sage sprinkled under the tongue is a powerful charm to the one your heart desires most.

9) periwinkle known as sorcerer's violet is so powerful that is it is almost impossible to resist love when using this herb.

Sprinkle petals either under the bed or the pillow to keep you and your spouse together strong.

10) To remove a magnets power of attraction rub garlic upon of face.

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Re: Magickal tips
Post # 2
Nice tips there. . . :-)
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Re: Magickal tips
Post # 3
thank you
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Re: Magickal tips
Post # 4
'Course. :-]
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Re: Magickal tips
By: / Adept
Post # 5
Serpent, are the tricks using herbs native to your country or are they things you've picked up in your studies? Regardless, it's a nice list you've put together.
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Re: Magickal tips
Post # 6
actually i learned this in my studies
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Re: Magickal tips
Post # 7
i am so glad you all are pleased i will add a few more,

1)scattering graveyard dirt around an enemies home can physically prevent them from leaving the home.

2)Burning CAMPHOR RESIN INCENSE (i know this very well) can protect and purify any space you wish. burn upon a place which you feel is unsafe or the ground is hexed and it will be removed.

i even added a link to what it looks like.


3) Red brick dust: RED BRICK DUST, also known as BRICK DUST, RED DUST, RED POWDER or REDDENING, derives from the ancient use of red ochre clay for sacred purposes. Protection Scrub for Home or Business: On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, get up before dawn without speaking to anyone and wash your doorstep with your own Urine in a bucket of water. When it dries, sprinkle RED BRICK DUST across the doorstep. To make the wash stronger, write the Name of the Captain of Police on paper, burn the Name-Paper to ashes, and add the ashes to your scrub water. Business Money Scrub: Mix RED DUST, Cinnamon powder, and Brown Sugar into water and scrub the doorstep inward for quick, continuous cash

Now this item is not known to many of you since its a more Caribbean product (where i live)

Red lavender and white lavender . NOTE!!! THIS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE LAVENDER FLOWER

white and red lavender can be used to rebuke evil of all form and can be used for protection by placing just a cap full in your bath. Please know i will try to gain more info on this product for this is only a small detail of its uses.

This is also a local piece of info (in my country)

DO NOT cut down a cotton tree for this tree harbors a multitude of spirits which are said to be released in the earth if you do, it is not even advisable to urinate and perform heavy activities near this tree.

dreaming pumpkins or catching fish is said to be foreseeing children to be birthed

wear the colour indigo blue to avert the evil eye or mal yeux (mal joe) as it is called in my country

animals such as frogs and lizards that strangely venture into your home are recommended to be killed for they are most likely minions of evil sent by a witch. - of my aunts was a victim of this, she received demonic fits caused by witchcraft

Do not let a stray animal follow you home during the hours of 6pm or later for it is not what you expect. - another one of my aunts fell pray to this, she let a stray cat in the house and it tried to kill her during her sleep more than once.
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Re: Magickal tips
Post # 8
if you like more tips just reply i shall update!
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Re: Magickal tips
Post # 9
Thank you for the tips :]
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Re: Magickal tips
Post # 10
This is a very nice, and useful post, Serpent. :)

If I may add something to the topic as I don't find it all too brilliant to start another one for such a short post...

People ask why their spells didn't work and how to get it to work if they try again.
I always give them this simple answer:

Follow the 3 musts of casting.

3 Musts of Casting a Spell:
Understanding- know what it is you're doing/casting and all the consequences involved.
Will- you must want it to happen.
Belief- know it will happen, no doubts.

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