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New Spirit Seers Site

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New Spirit Seers Site
Post # 1
Hi my name is Drakkenwitch and I am here to
tell you a little about me and our New Magic Site.

First I'll start off tell you a little about myself. I was blessed with many special gifts
and I take my gifts very seriously my gifts are not something I learned overnight or
something that I recently acquired but I have had most of them since I was very young and been
practicing them throughout most of my life..I am a medium. and for most of you who don't know what
a medium is I am able to commune with Spirits, I can sense them as well as talk to them and see
them..I have had this gift since I was 7 years old..I can also Channel which is also a form of
communicating with Spirits as well..I am an Empath and an Empath is someone who has the power to feel
and muniplate the emotions of others. Empaths have mood-swings and are sometime classified as being
Bi-Polor. but it's simply the emotions of others around me. I am often the one that people turn to
for guidance for my uncanny ability to make people feel better, to reuce their anger or depression.
But the bad side of being an Empath is that sometimes I feel other peoples emotions and I have had to learn to
distinquish the difference between my own emotions or someone elses.

I also give Tarot Readings but it takes time and I cannot nor will I force a Tarot Reading from my
cards but if your interested in getting a tarot reading please contact me by on the request page
on my site and let me know and I will be more than glad to do one for you..
the site Link for anyone interested is: www.spirit-seers.com.
I do not Charge for Tarot Readings but I do accept any Donations on the site. There is a page set up for all
donations given and the donations are to help us to expand and upgrade our site as well as to improve our items
in Drakkens Dream WOrld which is our site Magical Store on the site.. I have also set up a Testimonial Page
and would appreciate after a reading if you would take the time to write up your testimonial of how you
found your reading and how accurate it was.

Now for our site:

On our Site we teach how to commune with spirits, angels, demons, and use various divination techniques.
Anyone willing to learn and be an active member may join, All you have to do is send a message to the Site Owner.

Our Site teaches about spirits, angels, demons, divination, the cycle of the immortal soul, and the flow of energy. as well
wiccan 101 and much much more.
For spells we don't really have limits to what we do, except that we teach to invoke your spirit guides before casting
any spell and thank them once you are done. We also do not accept nor teach about any spells that require self-inflicted
injuries or direct harm to others.

If you are willing to learn or if you have had any experience with the topics listed above,
we would be more happy to have you there. We can teach you how to use a pendulum, how to contact and get to know
your spirit guides, how to manipulate energy, and much more.
when you sign up to our site you will see our Homepage, Our beliefs, a page about our Staff Members, our Forums,
We also have a Public Chatter where you can talk to other members as well as we have classrooms starting with different
very experienced and knowledgable teachers who have been in the craft for years as well. As I said before we have an
Online Store called Drakkens Dream world..We would like to invite you to come check out our Magic site and come chat
with our Teachers and Members..

again the site is www.spirit-seers.com
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Re: New Spirit Seers Site
Post # 2
I am here to let everyone know that we have done upgrades on the site and it is now open and excepting members..we currently have 67 members and we are growing fast...WE have added alot of new features on the site and our teachers in classes work one on one with the students. If your interested in learning or just want to join us in the chatter and have fun come take a look at our site..
We would love to have you come join us!!!

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