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Pick the right wand wood.

Forums ► Magic Items ► Pick the right wand wood.
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Pick the right wand wood.
Post # 1
Picking the right wood to use on your wand is mandatory to the use of it look around to see what kind of wand wood you need

Aries = Alder / Courage, evolving spirituality, self-reliance, adventurism, charm and leadership skills.Controlling the four winds, banishing and controlling elementals, resurrection. Making magical dyes.

Taurus = Willow / amazing wood for magickal tools because it is already perfectly aligned to magick (the movement of energy guided by will ). This wood reacts to the will of the one who is utilizing it, enhancing it accordingly. The stronger the will, the more effective the wood. Willow is extremely useful in healing. It is also good for love spells and rituals involving emotion. It also increases psychism, and is a great tool for divination as well (especially concerning luck matters).

Gemini = Hawthorn / Wisdom, psychic protection, patience, creativity, confidence, charm. Purification, enforced chastity, male potency, and cleansing.

Cancer = Oak / Truth, steadfast knowledge, protection

Leo = Holly / Purity, strength, logic, power transfer, protection, consecration, material gain, physical revenge, beauty. Used in spells having to do with sleep or rest, and to ease the passage of death.

Virgo = Hazel / Artistic ability, magical knowledge, optimism

Libra = Vined / Spiritual initiation, sacred knowledge, authority. Faerie work, Joy, Exhilaration, Wrath, Rebirth

Scorpio = Ivy / Determination, strength, optimism, spiritual growth. Fidelity, Constancy, Love, Intoxication

Sagittarius = Elder / Faerie Magic, protection from evil, imagination, change. Witchcraft, banishment, magical art, waters of life. Sacred tree to Faery folk

Capricorn = Birch / Rebirth, patience, organization, leadership skills, diligence, loyalty, the calming of emotions. Controlled by the Lunar influences. Birth, healing, protection, Lunar workings, fertility and healing spells .

Aquarius = Rowan (we use rose in place of rowan) Originality, free-thinking, psychic ability, love and understanding.

Pisces = Ash Intelligence, wit, communication, knowledge, curiosity. Aids in communication and learning by removing blockages that prevent the flow of words and knowledge. It is the wood of choice for poets and scholars. Ash also promotes health and love. Protects against unwanted change.

Other woods available include:

Maple = A fascinating a beautiful wood due largely to the great deal of variation in its appearance.Maple is one of the most spiritual woods in existence. Because of this, the primary use of the wood is that of spiritual healing. It is also amazing when working with moon magick. Maple is a traveler's wood. Those who are always on the move and changing will feel right at home with this type of energy. It allows a person to focus in on the choices in any situation, eliminating luck and chance. It enhances intellectual pursuits and learning.

Locust = shows strength, balance, and wisdom

Lilac = great for protection properties.

Cherry = An extremely earth-centric wood, cherry has very grounded energy. Earth energy is very level-headed, non-impulsive. It helps us to see the here and now, think clearly, and act upon rationality rather than emotion. Useful for intuitive magic and conquering conflict. This would be an excellent wood for divination or medium work, as well as healing and love magic. As a magical tool, it is highly recommended for those who identify well with earth energy.

Apple = I find this GREAT for love associated spellworking.

Black Walnut = he best word to describe the energy of this wood is "introspective." It is not for those with flights of fancy, but rather for those who seek to explore their own personal energy and the "here and now." It is good for blocking out emotional energy so that one may focus upon the task at hand. This wood couples reason with intuition to help a person grow spiritually and to heal themselves from within. A quiet, unassuming wood, black walnut can help us to get in touch with ourselves and the Earth.

Pear = Extremely earth-centric energy, very grounded. This type of wood is best used for healing, and will appeal mostly to those who have a passion to heal. This wood would not be useful for spiritual exploration, such as astral projection, divination, etc, but is extremely useful in earth-centric matters. It brings a creative, inspiring energy to the home. This wood is excellent for use with money and prosperity spells.

Elm = adds stability and grounding to a spell.

Pine / Fir =An evergreen, it's old title was "the sweetest of woods". External symbol of life and immortality. It is one of the few trees that are androgynous. It is regarded as a very soothing tree to be near. Strength, life and immortality, rejuvenation. The scent of Pine is useful in the alleviation of guilt. Dreaming of pine trees indicates issues of guilt.
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Re: Pick the right wand wood.
Post # 2
What about rose stem?
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