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Academy of Magick

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Academy of Magick
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
After seeing what the previous AoM ad went through, it has got me to thinking. So much so that I am thinking about creating a schoolish site to go along with my other site: http://ultimatemagickalcommunity.webs.com/index.htm (as well as the covens connected to it, Wizard Council and Witches Grove).

It is currently not created yet(but that can change quickly). However, what I'm looking for right now is some advice.
1. What kind of material should be taught
2. If anyone is willing to teach something
3. What kind of entrance examination(if any) should I have

Feel free to respond here or by email, thought I'd get a quick poll to start(and to see if its worth spending my time on).

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Re: Academy of Magick
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Soo, 30 views yet no one has any opinion or anything???
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Re: Academy of Magick
Post # 3
What you should teach would depend entirely on what you know and how well versed in it you actually are. Since I have no idea your area of expertise or how well you actually know said area, I can't offer much suggestion.

I personally don't believe in "entrance" exams. I ask students a few questions ( usually 5 depending on the answers ) and I can tell exactly where they are and what they need to learn first.

A site of any kind, be it teaching or informational usually reflects the personal beliefs of the creator ( some exceptions apply ), so go along those lines. Teach what you know based on the principals you adhere to.
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Re: Academy of Magick
Post # 4
"Welcome all, and merry meet, to our magickal kingdom. First off we would like to say please feel free to explore our site at any time.

The purpose of this site is to inform, educate, and assist you in any way possible as you venture on down your magickal path. Let us start by saying if your patricular chosen path is something dark, black, evil, or unnatural, you have come to the wrong place.

This is a site strictly for those who choose to walk the path of light and goodness. If you are one of the blessed who choose to walk in the light please allow me to tell you just how lucky you are. Now with that said, please enjoy our site and the many blessings it will bring you.

So may It Be,
Glimwick and Cordelisa"

"or unnatural, you have come to the wrong place."

Well, it happens that magic is not that natural you know..
Unatural is something that it changes without this is caused by the nature. Never heared about element magic?
So, everyone that just do a magic that effects the nature is not welcome? Then what people do you want? Harry Potter Funs?

"the green or horned god, or someone like poseidon or aphrodite, that is up to you"

For what are you talking about? What the Mythical gods of Greece have to do with magic?
They created that gods to explain the "how the world works".
Zeus creates the Storms, posidon the see's wild, aphroditi the love, Hephaestus for the Volcanus and that goes on..
Because you thing that the gods, people thousands years ago made to explain what happens are exist? With this way you will lead other to fake.

What t say, with few words the site have nothing but completly nothing to teach, everything is empty and messed up and it is just a www.webs.com site without custom options.
Werent you that accused me for advertising the site without many lessons as i had only about five for spells/potions/magologia?
What i really understood is that the only you want after all is to judge everyone for their mistakes than looking even yours.
I did, i closed the site until i have ready all the lessons, information...and all this things.

So, i did not completly stoped my site so that not gives you the authority to copy my work.
And really guys, did he said that he liked the idea of a Magic Academy before i close it? Nope..he didint..but now that he believes that i completly stoped my site he says it.

What to say...and i was the arrogant...right..?
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Re: Academy of Magick
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I understand what you mean Nevermore about what is taught depends on what I know. Basically I'm merely asking if like theres some generic things that I 'should' teach in addition to what I know. As far as an entraince exam, I ment this in the way of generic questions to ask such as their experience and such(sry for the confusion).

As for your comments MiddeM:
1. I agree that the wording of the page might be a bit scew. To be honest they are not my words really but rather my cofounders words(I do more the techie stuff). So in essence, I am more open minded on magick and beliefs, while she has more of a wiccan view on things. With that said, some of that might be getting changed in the near future.

2. As for your comment on the content of the site, I think you are a bit mislead. UMC is ment as a community place, one where people can come and talk and the such. It is not so much of a place to teach(such as a school site), although there is room for sharing and the sort in the forums(as well as the BoS).

3. As far as timing goes, its not so much that I choose to create the site after dealing with your site. But rather something I have been debating for a while, and your site merely showed me the need for a school like site to be created. One that is organized and put together from the start, instead of one in more of a work in progress. SO, knowing that I didn't want to follow in your footsteps, I posted this thread to get some feedback from people as to what kind of things I should start with and if there were any teachers willing to help me out and teach to those that come to the site.

4. As far as mistakes go, I know I make mistakes(heck all the time). I know that UMC, WG, and WC probably all have their own little quarks to get worked on. I do maintanice on the sites as needed, and my cofounder does work on it some as well(sometimes a bit more on the content then the techie).

5. As for the name, I first put a post in your thread, but after that thread took a major turn of subject, I decided that I was going to get no answers there an therefor started this thread. With that said, the name is currently up in the air(since after all I'm still working out the material and if I'll have the time to make it).

Whether or not you fully stopped your site is of no concern to me, if anything I hope you do recreated it and improve on what was.

Anyways, that be it for now,
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Re: Academy of Magick
Post # 6
lol MiddleM, no need to get your undies in a twist. I understand your ego was slightly hurt while people, including glimwick, tore your site and experience apart...but try to calm down and offer suggestions that aren't based soley on your anger.

To address some comments you made...

Magick is natural. It's energy and has been used, abused manipulated and controlled probably since the dawn of time to some extent. His comment I believe was directly more towards "black magick" as it's clear his personal beliefs dictate it to be wrong.

You are ( I assume ) Christian..and I respect that. But perhaps you should take a moment to learn others beliefs and respect theirs. The worship of Greek Gods is NOT uncommon. Many people in the world, and on this site consider them to be very active and very real thoughtforms/gods.
By allowing people to continue their belief IN them and worship OF them, he is not leading people into anything "fake".

That is YOUR perspective and yours alone.

Just because you disagree with it, doesn't mean it isn't real or it's false. People disagree'd the world was round at one point too and look what happened...
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Re: Academy of Magick
Post # 7
From where do you thing am i nevermore?

And anyway, the idea of a school is already taken by me.
Just stay away of it, it is annoying.

And...my name is MiddeM.
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Re: Academy of Magick
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
"And anyway, the idea of a school is already taken by me.
Just stay away of it, it is annoying."

Yet how many postings and websites are there about magickal schools? Are you to say that your the only one that can have a school related to magick? I mean seriously, thats one narrow view if thats the case. Not to mention the fact that I'm would be doing it in collation with another site that I've had created long before your site was even started. So with that said, wouldn't that then make the thought of a school site more affordable to me then to you?

Like I said before, if you wish to recreate your site and drastically improve on what it once was, then by all means do so. I'm not about to stop you or anything. My only remarks before was about its lacking and its need for content as well as a well derived plan of action, instead of the hap-hazard appeal that it took on before.

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Re: Academy of Magick
Post # 9








Just to name a few. While the name of the school you were planning to create, and the name the OP of this thread considered using MAY be the same, do not presume to think you are the only person in the known world to have ever come up with the idea of a school to teach magick or religion.
There are many successful schools that have come into creation before you were even born.

You want rights to that domain name? Trademark it or sign up with a hosting site that will protect your rights to it.

Again I say, make your suggestions for his possible site based on genuine concern and NOT because you got your e-feelings hurt.
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