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Trance Channeling

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Trance Channeling
Post # 1
Before anyone takes on the task or responsibility of being a Channel or even the practice of meditation one should perform or say a protection prayer or ritual for reasons that will be explained later.

There are two kinds of Channels, the first being a conscious channel which I will describe now.

A Conscious Channel is one that goes into a slight trance and is aware of of the surroundings and what is being communicated to the one looking for guidance to a question or a direction in which to go in.

The person who is receiving the information will give a guide, or energy permission to communicate with them and is a good idea to ask if the guide, energy you are about to communicate with " are you from the light " before you continue.

The Channel often hears the information coming from a certain direction mostly right handed people hear the information come from the right and left handed people hear the information come from the left.

A Subconscious Trance Channel is one that goes deep into meditative state or a heavy trance as I can only speak for myself this was done through the practice of meditation.

The first part in attaining this state was to sit comfortably in a chair in a darkened room with a candle above the level of the head but not to high and breath in a rhythmic fashion in through the nose and with the mouth slightly ajar exhale out through the mouth keeping focus on the candle Flame and the at some point your vision will change and the eye lids will get heavy and close all the while continuing the rhythmic breath.

As this process takes place certain nuances will take place with the body, the body will have to change not on a real physical sense but on a energy sense for the energy or guide to use your body.

Your energy or the frequency of your energy has to be raised to the same frequency of the guide or the energy that is to use your body so a happy medium has to be met don't ask me how this part is done that is where communication between the energies, guides begin to talk to the body on a cellular level to help this process along at this point the only thing that I may here is what sounds like the sound a fax machine makes very fast high pitched noise at this point.

Your body is now beginning to acting like a antenna and once the body has come to a happy place were the energies of you and the guide, or the energy that will talk though you will begin to balance out and be at the same frequency for the actual practice to take place, the energies that will use your body at some point will enter the body through one of two entrance points from the back at the point where the shoulders meet or through the solar plexuses

At some point you will notice that while in the beginning stages, you are moving you jaw, looking around the room even though your eyes are closed and have the sense and feeling that something is using you body and you will begin to make guttural sounds.

This whole process takes place due to the fact that the energies or guide might have never incarnated before and this takes time for the guides and the energies and you need to get comfortable with.

While in deep trance another process takes place I actually leave the body, my body so the the energy or guide can fully embody and utilize my body for a specific period of time this is very important do to the fact that if you just let the energies, guides use your body free at will there is a possibility that a walk-in might take over your being.

At the end of the session I think at least it is always good to thank the guide after becoming involved in Hermetics and Ritual Magick it is a good practice to also do the LBRP at the end of the session this is done do to the fact as you raise your energy levels energies of a lesser frequency tend to gravitate to you and attach on to you. This is one of the pitfalls of doing energy work like this.

While in the beginning , of the learning stage it is good to practice meditation on a daily basis but practice the beginning stages of channeling every other day
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Re: Trance Channeling
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
intresting post phoenix ive done trance a few tmes with very intresting results, i think whe u can do this it opens doors to other areas, like automatic writting and drawing again which is also fun,
i agree u should always ground an put up ur protection when attempting work like this
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Re: Trance Channeling
Post # 3
Wonderful post ^^
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Re: Trance Channeling
Post # 4
Yes spiritwolf, one of the easiest ways to start this practice is through the practice of automatic writing and move on from there.

This might seem like a long process but moves rather quickly with continued practiced, when the energy enters the body the entry points are one or two ways through the solar plexus or the easiest point where the shoulder blades meet on the back.
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