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basic herbs in wicca
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The following list is provided only for use as it pertains to Wicca and spell casting. Remember NOT to ingest them at any time!

ALLSPICE-- used for protection. Prosperity good luck & healing

ALMOND-- for use in Love spells, money & healing.

APPLE-- Good for Love spells, peaceful beginnings & Health.

BASIL-- use it for Protection in business, prosperity & loving relationships.

BAY LAUREL-- use for healing, prosperity, and strength.

CAMPHOR-- healing, well being

CATNIP- - use with cats, brings happiness & love.

CHAMOMILE-- For Soothing, sleep and relaxation.

CINNAMON-- I use it in all love spells. Good for lust, success, & money.

CLOVE-- Use for healing, protection, calming.

CUMIN- - For love, protection and loyalty.

DRAGON'S BLOOD-- Use for purification and strength.

GARLIC-- Gives your home protection. Also aids in healing.

GINGER-- Very Energetic. Use for Love and prosperity.

GREEN TEA-- Drink for its Longevity & healing qualities.

FRANKINCENSE-- Purification, meditative and protection.

HIGH JOHN-- Use for Happiness, prosperity and success.

JASMINE- Very tranquil, use for love, & prosperity.

LAVENDER- - Use for healing, sleep, purification & love.

LEMON-- Especially good for purification, love & happiness.

MUGWORT- - Excellent for protection during travel, healing and strength.

MYRRH-- Use for meditation, purification & protection.

PARSLEY-- Good for Lust & fertility, prosperity & protection.

PATCHOULI-- Great for Love & Lust, Psychic work & Prosperity.

ROSE-- Best for Love, marriage, lust, fertility & protection.

ROSEMARY-- Use for increased Memory, healing, love, protection and mental strength.

SAGE-- To live a long life, health & comfort.

SALT- - Use for purification, protection, & strength. Use in your home and take along on trips to purify surroundings. (hotel rooms etc.)

VERVAIN-- can be used with almost every spell for Creativity, inspiration, protection, divination, love, and protection.
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