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Post # 1
okay i have a lot of people mailing me for help about this so i am deciding to post about it.

visualizing is a key part in beginning magick.

why do we need to visualize for?

well i'll tell you, visualizing is used to make you more comfortable with magick and connect more with energies, there are so many spells, and rituals that require visualizing to make it stronger, help energies flow better, etc. Visualizing can be a great skill to have, as when you master visualizing many doors open for you, such as if you need an extra candle but dont have one, just visualize its there make it real with your mind and it will be there. (not literally in physical form though)

A spell for example:

finding a lost item-

concentrate on the lost item VISUALIZE a golden thread wrapping around the object sprouting from your naval, bringing it closer and closer to you, until you have it in your grasp, your object will return to you soon.

this spell is to make a connection with the item you lost so your instinct will know where to find it, it is making it a part of you just by visualization.

So how do i do it???

well there are a number of techniques to be done in order that help you master visualization to a degree. It is not as easy as it sounds, although some people find it comes more natural than others.


1st technique:

meditate for a while, make sure you are relaxed and there is nothing clouding your concentration. After that site in a comfortable room, or space, in a comfortable position and hold your hand out in front of you.

visualize the outline of an apple, in your hand, wether it be a shadow, or a gold outline, keep focusing, this can be really difficult so dont get too frustrated. After you make the outline, try to fill it in, make sure you cannot see behind it, again this takes time to do this, to train your brain to see what is not there,like an hallucination except you can control what you see. once you can see an apple, make it 3D if you havent already (this whole procedure can take months but is worth it) when you can fully see it, give it weight, tell yourself it has mass feel it getting heavier, be able to feel its smoothness in general, after this (another month or so) give it small and taste, take a bite into it, or lick it, or even so do nothing and taste it anyway, but make sure you keep your concentration.

to do this technique you should spent about 30mins to 1 hour a day practising, its quicker if you do.

2nd technique:

okay after you have done the first technique it gets a little harder.

you have to visualize a fruit, that no one has ever seen before, an alien fruit if you will, the reason it is more difficult is because you have to give it different aspects which WILL take a long while to do such as:

new colour/color(depending if your british or american)
new shape
new smell
new taste
new feel

all of this has to be new, something NO ONE has experienced before, i know this is hard and extremely difficult and to some people it will frustrate you, but it helps promise.

NOTE: just because you cant do this technique does not mean you cant do magick, the first technique will help you get through most of the visualizing needed for most spells and rituals. If you cant do this, and give up try technique 3.

3rd technique:

okay now to make it more tricky, concentrate on a spot on the floor, about a foot in front of you, now, what you need to do, is make an outline of an animal, any animal (start small if you are having difficulties) a snake maybe or even an ant. As you make an outline, you can use your finger to help you or even a wand (for larger animals not the ant) once you have an outline, give it form, concentrate on every detail, the hairs/feathers/scales etc, again as i've said this could take months to get the hang of, once you have gave it form, (now the hard part) try and make it move, concentrate on the joints and the muscles moving is possible, send it to a spot not far away, and back again, make it do yawn movements etc, see what is smells like, go and pet it if you can, obviously dont eat it lol. if you started small make it bigger, like a bear, or an eagle.

NOTE: you can if you wish get a bowl of water and try visualizing a fish, obviously dont visualize it on land.

4th technique:

you are gonna hate this, you have to visualize an animal never seen on earth before (shock horror), try to make it move in a different way, make it smell different, give it different actions, if its aquatic your gonna need your bowl. just repeat technique 3, but replace smell, and form with something of your own creation.

5th technique:

okay last one, butt this one is difficult like the rest. you need to get an object that is already in existance, for example a pencil will do nicely. You need to visualize that pencil changing shape, still remaining a pencil but of different form, it wont work if what you are changing is in contact with skin, because as soon as you try to expand it/make it larger, your brain will say ''hang on this isnt happening'' and it will make it harder for you to get trancy and be able to form it, thats why it should rest on a table or something else.

okay thats all of them, i hoped this helped guys, this should keep you occupied for a while.

blessed be

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Re: visualization
Post # 2
Yes and visualization is often the most preffered way of casting a spell or using a specific technique.

It is most effective when using energy, as Dyriaex suggested.

The following are the most common purposes of visualization to help any get started using it:
* Astral Projection
* Psionics
* Energy Manipulation
* Summoning Magick
* Healing Magick
* Grounding
* Meditation
* Divination

Visualization can be used for a very broad set of categories in magick which suggests why it is so commonly used and rather preffered.
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Re: visualization
Post # 3
cool ty for the help
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Re: visualization
Post # 4
This has been most helpful to me! thank you so much!

"I want to grow. I want to be better. You Grow. We all grow. We're made to grow."
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