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What Makes a Witch

Forums ► General Info ► What Makes a Witch

What Makes a Witch
Post # 1
What makes a witch?

So yo think yo want to be a witch. You are fascinated by black medieval looking clothes strange jewelry, multiple body piercing, ad scads of tattoos. You have seen all the movies abot the craft and wat to wafe yor fingers dramatically and get your desires fulfilled instantly. Yo think there are secret words that witches know words that will transform your life when you say them. Yo know someone you would like to make love yo or some enemy you world like to zap. Yo think witchcraft might be a clever way to rebel and annoy yor parents and family, to be outstandingly different. You think that dancing around nude would be cool. Yo believe that witches have wild uninhibited sex with the whole group and that drugs and alcohol are rampant in covens. Or you already call yourself a witch by have not had any training whatsoever, and are only into witchcraft for the attention it brings you.

Stop right here! If you fit this description this book is not for you. In fact, no book on wicca is. Further more, Wicca and Paganism do not need yo. We have enough bad press as it is.

Ok this came from the book “Wicca The Complete Craft” Written by DJ Conway”.

I believe many people who practice Wicca or other areas of “magick” should read this over a few times and ask themselves why they call themselves a witch. The only other thing I have to add to DJ Conway’s words are “Do you call yourself a Wizard, a mage, or any other RPG title that has nothing to do with the real practice of magick”.

I practice magick on my own for 12 years, when I joined a coven 4 years ago both myself and my wife had to do a interview of sorts before we were allowed to join the coven. Now that we are working on starting a coven of our own in the spring I am reviewing some of my older notes to get the program together I came across this book once again and read this and it reminded me of the type of people I would never allow in the coven. (I was 15 when I started the practice of magick, back thing getting books on witchcraft was not as easy as it is now, not to mention the internet was barely even up and only few people have personal computers.

In any event after reading this what did it make you think of.

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Re: What Makes a Witch
Post # 2
I call myself a witch because that is what I am. I didn't follow the path of Paganism because I wanted to do the things you listed. I read a book about it that my cousin had, and I was drawn to it so to speak. I began practicing the religion because I wanted to get in touch with nature and the forces that work within it. I also wanted to form a bond with the Goddess and God. I have been a practicing Pagan for close to seven years now, and I wouldn't change a thing. I love my religion and the things that I have learned from it.

I do agree that most join for the reasons you listed. In high school I couldn't tell you how many of my classmates dressed and acted as you stated in your post. It upset me that, that is what they thought made them a Wiccan or a Pagan. A lot of the younger generations still think that way, at least they do around here. I feel they do so because they are improperly educated on the religions and aspects of Paganism.
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Re: What Makes a Witch
Post # 3
When I read that what makes a witch part from conways book I absolutely loved it. It reminded me of the people I know when I was in school as well as people I have seen on the internet.

There are a lot of people who think that being a witch means dressing like a hot topic freak, saying blessed be and talking about these grand powers that you have.
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Re: What Makes a Witch
Post # 4
I know. It really irritates me that they act as such.
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Re: What Makes a Witch
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
It is not often anymore that an interesting topic comes across my desk. To see the topic's potential and yearn to help move the ideas started by one into the great web of the universe is exciting. I am honored to be able to freely express my thoughts with you today. :)

What makes a witch is the idea that you are not the center of the universe. You are just a speck on the tip of nothing. In your time grounded you will create ideas and concepts that affect your time when your feet are free. A universal enlightenment will also bring with it a sense of oneness.
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Re: What Makes a Witch
Post # 6
Im sorry but i have to critique a bit. Your spelling is way off. If you download and use the firefox browser it comes with a spell check that is always turned on. I truthfully do not mean to offend you but people will take you more seriously if you use correct spelling.

Also...i get your point completely..i dont like the effect hollywood is having on magick...its bringing all the role players and kids with wild fantasies here to congregate but i would like to point out that not every practitioner of magick calls themselves a witch. My self for instance. The word witch is commonly used in wicca which is something i do not get involved with. In my opinion wicca is a religion for hippies who use magick. Its all about nature....and thats fine..just not for me. I consider myself pagan.
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Re: What Makes a Witch
Post # 7
Odd most witches I know do not practice wicca, and most wiccans that I know do not call themselves witches.

Again I personally loved the first 2 paragraphs that wever posted because when I read them they reminded me of many that I have meet on the net and some places within my own life.

As far as spelling being "way off" thanks for your thoughts but the spell check program here did not alert me to that. Now I did post this when I was tired so its possible and I am sure there are a couple spelling issues but honestly that would not equal way off.

In life I know many wiccans, witches, healers, empaths. Now on the net I have meet many who claim to use wizard, warlock (oath breaker) and other rpg game titles. I will point out that I am very aware that not everyone here uses the name witch. The point of the topic does however still hold.

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Re: What Makes a Witch
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 8
What I do not understand is why you are so upset by people who call them self a witch when you do not believe them to be one. In my experience I have met mages, wizards, witches, warlocks, and rogue practitioners that call themselves all by different names. What makes one a role play title and not the other? Who made you the judge of anther's faith or beliefs?

I have body piercings, tattoos, medieval looking clothes, "different" jewelry, I enjoy a healthy sex life, I love to go skyclad in my own backyard, I enjoy sacrificial drinking and the smoking of peace pipes, and my parents thought I was rebelling at the age of 15, however I am still a pagan witch today after 17 years of practice.

This is why I do not care for the teachings of DJ Conway. I find that instead of promoting peace within the pagan and witchcraft community she would rather point fingers at people. Don't get me wrong though she has gotten some stuff right just like the countless other authors on the subject. I just wish that instead of insulting others she would help those who have come to the path learn. We all start somewhere and if some of us start and then realize it is not for us so be it. Everyone has the right to decided for themselves what is right for them.
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Re: What Makes a Witch
Post # 9
Thank you for your thoughts. I believe you missed the point once again, but it is ok.

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Re: What Makes a Witch
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 10
Then can you please enlighten me on what the thread is about?
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