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CorpseWood Manor

WARNING:If You Can Truly Feel Spirits, I dare to you, but beware, if the spirits do not want you to take something from them, go to certain areas, or not go in at all. Also, please respect the forest and the 40 acres of land lays upon, especially when you consider the leftover occult energy at Corpsewood!

For about twenty years, I have lived in the small town of Summerville Georgia. In many ways it seems time has forgotten about this sleepy town. Change is something frowned upon and happens in the slowest blur of motion. Many towns have a tale. Many have a secret or something questionable

Corpsewood Manor : Summerville Georgia's Best Kept Secret
Neighborhood: Taylors Ridge
Summerville, GA 30747
United States of America

in their history. In the decaying ruins that are known as Corpsewood Manor, whispers of such an account.
And this is the start of their story of mis-understandment, lonlielness, and of murder…

There isn’t any exact time as to when Charles L. Scudder began to build his manor “As a Castle in The Woods.” One of the strangest things about Scudder’s vision was going to be how difficult the entire house was going to be to build in the middle of his 40 ace plot of land that he had acquired. I mean, the woods were totally in the middle of the know where! However, Scudder and his companion Mr. Odom took a liking to the land. He built his manor atop Taylors Ridge in Chattooga County, Georgia. Mr. Scudder, a retired professor and his companion built the small castle in the course of several years. It was unique in many ways beyond the stained glass window and the circular staircase. Their own private manner did not even include electricity or running water. Yet despite not having these normal accessories they made fairly well. Even managing to build a small swimming pull complete with drains. Now, are indeed multiple mysteries, curses, and urban legends. One of the biggest legends is that both men at the manor produced LSD (Acid),which is a very difficult drug to produce and would have required college level chemistry like Scrudder and Odom both had.
It did not take long for the town locals to notice the oddness of how little that they saw the two scientists from the mountain in town. Once a moth with money saved in the bank they would go to town and buy $200 worth of groceries, then back to Corpsewood Manor. However, amid the rumors of them being homosexual (theoddness of how little that they saw the two
scientists from the mountain in town. Once a moth with money saved in the bank they would go to town and buy $200 worth of groceries, then back to Corpsewood Manor. However, amid the rumors of them being homosexual (they were never proven to be) they would still occasionally have parties up on the 40 Acres of land. There was a price to pay for partying at their crib, anyone who wanted to enter and party must had to sighn a big leather bound book, one that just radiated evil. Tonight wasn’t going to be a big party at all for them. It was all going to happen on December 12, 1982…

Odom cooking the supper that they had collected themselves, enjoy his hit of LSD very much himself…

Scrudder, Outside chopping fire wood amazed at how when each piece chopped, it cracked into another world, he had taken to LSD hits himself…

Then there was the tree visitors that sat in his living room…Too men, and one woman…They made Scrudder fairly nervous….

During Odom’s food preparation and Scrudders cutting more fire wood the trio of the two men and one woman and had their mind made up…The few hits of LSD that had went into them drinks, now made them want to kill Odom And Scrudder for drugs and money that they did not even have with them. And if killing them wasn’t enough, the murderers killed their two Mastiff Dogs.
It Was the murder of Odom and Scrudder and their two dogs on December 12,1982 that.
There have been countless incidents of taking bricks from what is left of the quickly following house away from their burial ground, and those people soon have general bad luck, death in family, wreck, any other kind of unexplainable event. There house was truly eloquent…I never go to see it completely standing, but from what I have saw, I am in amaze and in great respect of that place. I did manage to see the gazebo they built that was still have way standing. It was able to take the water flowing around the house and find it drinkable. But to me, the most intriguing thing is the “pool” they built…let me number this argument, so follow along…

1. They had enough LSD to keep the entire area of Chattooga County, GA for a week straight!

2. This lab was never mentioned when crimes were investigated, either they didn’t find it, or they didn’t want us to know that they had!

3. Scrudder and Odom were both highly intelligent men, so why conceal a lab in any kind of obvious place?
Theory- The Lab has either been a mass cover up by the Dixie Mafie that runs Chattooga County bc

5. 1,500 of a Book Called Murders At Corpsewood were published and then the main copy of the book just “vanished”

6. Everyone Law/Gov. official working on Scrudder/Odom case were nobodies then, but rose up to power in town
Conclusion- That because of this wrongful murder, the energy of Odom and Scrudder still remains trapped in that land, each break, and each breathe of air…It is because of those murders that our entire county is Cursed…asked ne one that has lived in northwest, GA…

I’m telling you, these spirits are indeed active…Different times and different degrees…..They have two entrances to their house, one that was their front drive way, the other was back way in, like a back door…Well, I refused to go in the back way, I felt that the spirits had opened me inside of their front door and that I was welcome there, as long as other ppl I brought with me were welcome well…They would tell me if I didn’t need to be up there too if we did not at a time…I have heard the chomp of their dogs between their bathroom ?.? and shower ?.?, I have taken a brick from their house shaped like a duck (my moms nickname for me when I played tee ball was ducky, I felt the spirits told me it was ok to take that). But I have heard that at times the spirits will change the directions that wind all up the ridge that their 40 acres is upon. Everytime I go up there, I always have a marijuana roach to bury in the ground for them and to tell them

“This is For My DeadHomies ”

• There was a GoldernHarp at Corpsewood Manor that was never put into evidence, it has been saw in the den of the Attorney Bobby Lee Cook (The Show Matlock is based on)
• They had two gargoyles standing at the very entrance of the driveway
• The Land Now Belongs To The Family Of Joseph Odom

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This is Indeed based on reality, ask neph if u seriously need verification...however, if the response to this thread is good, I am going to attempt to have weekly stories of Corpsewood, I want to take the steps to uncover our counties unjustices and put these misunderstood spirits at peace!

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Yup... the story of Corpsewood is true. Neph is related to the people who died there. One of then is his Uncle & one is his cousin.
VERY wild energy up on Taylor's Ridge!!!!

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