I need help badly

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> I need help badly
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I need help badly
Post # 1
i keep having dreams of a coloured liquid what i touch then have the power of what ever i say to happen and then all my dreams flash into my head so i can see that dream and all my other ones WHAT IS GOING ON can any one help me cause i have these dreams then the next day i go out and bad things happen to me please help

Re: I need help badly
Post # 2
I don't know if anyone else can help a little more than me but I don't really follow what you're saying, would you mind taking a few minutes to rephrase your dreams in a slightly more structured way?

Re: I need help badly
Post # 3
i think my old dreams are giving me bad luck but when i have the dream of that liquidi feel power in me

Re: I need help badly
Post # 4
Still not understanding what your sayig or getting at.. You dreams don't give you bad luck though i can tell you that much

Re: I need help badly
Post # 5
Dreams often reflect some point your subconscious is making. If every dream were to be taken literally then I am a TimeLord known as "The Doctor" and someday I'm going to save a select number of humans from a horde of seemingly mindless zombies that take over this planet by putting the mentioned humans into my house which is really a spaceship and time machine which is bigger on the inside then it looks on the outside.

I would suggest looking up some dream translation sites online or, what some people(including myself) may consider a better idea, do some deep meditation and figure out if there's something in your life that could be triggering such dreams. In my case I think it just happened to be to much caffeine before bed.

Re: I need help badly
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
You seriously dream that Rag?

Re: I need help badly
Post # 7
ok last night it got very very weird my dream was happy then all i seen was demons. and then i could see hell.

Re: I need help badly
Post # 8
Yes, Demen, I have once. I had just gone to bad after a couple of energy drinks and having watched Doctor Who. It was a really weird dream. I even had his accent.

Re: I need help badly
Post # 9
Rag. LOL. Wow... thanks for sharing that dream. I've had a few strange ones like that myself.

As for your dream(s) wizmario... Like Rag said, "Dreams often reflect some point your subconscious is making".

Perhaps it is not your dreams that are giving you any bad luck..but your dreams are simply telling you that something is wrong in your concious reality. What ever is going on in your daily life that is considered bad luck to you.. work on grounding techniques. It sounds like you need to rebalance yourself.

I'm sure your dreams will improve once you do this.

Be well,

Re: I need help badly
Post # 10
Meditate and ask your spirit guides to help you understand your
dreams. Bad luck, you need a spiritual/aura balanced and restored,
a good psychic or spellcaster can help you with this. You can make
your own spiritual renewal spray, you will need and empty spray or
cologne bottle, 1 bottle holy water, 1 bottle Florida water and salt. Mix all ingredients in the bottles and spray yourself from
head to toe. Alternatively, you can draw a bath, 3 white candles
on the tub and put the contents in the bath water. Burn some sage
and relax your mind as you breath out imagine all bad energy moving
away from your body also cleans all rooms in your home by burning
sage and carrying it to all rooms!

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