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Post # 1
Seems you guys finally decided to wise up after I gave you a brutal truth. You guys are way too friendly with the members, you WILL get taken advantage of, trust me, I've seen it. Also, it's sad that someone like me has to point out your flaws before you do anything at all. Are mods chosen by popularity? I really am curious as to how you are chosen. It seems like a bunch of children placed their votes in a brown nosing competition.

Honestly, I see hardly any of you fit to really be mods. It's funny too, I get gagged after I really start to talk about something I seek interest in. Have to reinstate your tid bits of power and make an example before others realize your flaws?

The chat should be a place for magic discussion only, not some child's role play campaign. I see the mods participating in this useless babbling as well and it makes me lose faith for this site. I came here hoping to find a decent place, but it seems it's another false paradise. Lots of what I've seen in the chat are stereotypical of teenage Wiccans.

I am a harsh and blunt person obviously, but it gets things done and hopefully it will make some of your realize how stupid the topics discussed in the chat really are. Maybe some of you will wise up and actually take part in your journey of magic.

Written by MaruMagic
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Re: Moderators
Post # 2
And there was me thinking that Modertors were ere to keep the peace and to make sure that the forums are clean from any false information or information that is not fit for younger practioners eyes

Here's me also thinking that Moderators are members of this site aswell fair enough they have slight more power than the rest but non the less they are heare to teach learn and offer support if asked for it.

What you need to realise is that you shouldnt have to depend on the Moderators coming into the chatter to sort out every situation that arises are you not capable of knowing when to drop a topic or when to best leave a topic alone if not then i think you might want to go and re-think that one through

And before you say that i am only writing this as a way of sucking up then you would be wrong i know a fair few Moderators but that was long before they gained the position they are in now so next time you wish to bad mouth them remember they started off as members and were chosen through their intellect and abilities in which to teach the new age of practioners
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Re: Moderators
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
I personally feel that some of the concerns that Maru brought up are real. Being friendly in the chat I feel is part of our duty as mods to help out by keeping the chat free of fights, spam, and other inappropriate actions. We as moderators have a choice to give warnings or just gag and also to be helpful in other ways such as answering questions. I feel that being friendly works better than not however that does not stop me from putting on my "mean mod face" when necessary.

As for the way moderators are picked I do feel that at times it is a popularity contest because moderators vote on the them. However with that said all elections are really popularity contests. The problem comes when a person votes with their heart and not their head.

Every way that something is done on this or any site I think someone will find a reason to complain about it. The problem is that we are a community of people and because everyone has different views and beliefs everyone will not get what they want. Compromise is the key, learn to meet half way and understand what is good for the community as a whole.

As for the chat it will always have a way of going from magical talk to non magical talk. This is with any chat even in real life. Learn to take the good from any situation and you will have a lot less to complain about :)
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