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let me know solutions

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let me know solutions
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dear I came to know about yourself about
I am very peacfull person by nature but I am facing troubling since child hood, I am inain, my self usha and 31 yrs. Married woman.

I am tired with all these struggles, I have a 6 yrs. Old child I have to earn myself and for my child because my mother in law creates problems in my my married life. I am earning fiew amount with very hard work what ever I am earning I have to give at my home to my mother in law . But my condition like a bagger I have to begging for my little requirements. this time My husband earning but spend on himself, my husband started a business before 6 yrs. Ago but that was flopp. He had lost his money which he got by high interest rate. I have left my
child at home when I have to go work. My child’s condition like a orphan. My husband is simple person we both are died by our hard luck. My mother in law do not care me and my child but shows to others like she
is so caring for both of us. I have to hard earn for my self and I wanted to study further more for mysake future and my child’s future but she denied, She is studying to my sister in law because she and his husband is so smart. My brother in law earning more but he spend on himself and some gives to my mother in law so she loves him and cares him and his wife, I have to earn for my self and for my child no body is feeding us. But some times if I eat good food at home she can;t tolerate this thing,
only for one cup of tea she abuses me every day. I have bought a lot of money and things in my marriage but my condition is so horrible. But I have not any right in my home at my husband and for my child and i have not any peace of my mind. same thing is applying for my sister also my sister’s life has been ruin because my parents is so innocent and simple, some time I think I am so alone in whole big world. And my
sister in law (my brother in law’s wife) nothing brought with her but
she cares most of his because she and his husband so smart and my mother in law studying her. They both are not giving nothing in home but his condition is so fine. If I pray to some god she creates so
problem she don’t want that I should pray.

My parents are very innocent and they had sell their home to marry to
us (my self and my younger sister) My father spend a lott money for
my marriage and my sister’s marriage but we both sister are not happy.
My parents is living on rent his hard earn money going to paying interest my parents are surrounded by loan and my both brother are searching job till date but they both
not succeed yet, some time I think we both sister should help our parent but what can we do (my self and my sister) because our parents made both of us for able earning. We are bounded by our in laws.
Please let me know some solution for my problem and my parents
problem. I don’t want to harm any one.

i am bounded by my in laws can't do any spells in my house because i have not any right of my house. can you give me some prays or spells which i can do.

If you can help for my parents myself and for my sister please kindly help us. i would be very great full for you for ever.
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