Old spell, Black Magic

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Old spell, Black Magic

Old spell, Black Magic
Post # 1
i found an old spell which is in one of my Demonology stuff where i store information, and i found this spell.
Its some pretty dark Black Magic since out of the translations,
its a combination of summon, death and banishing.
Ill explain it:
What you need:
Is the Demon Sigil of Amon,
6 Candles,
Which will be placed around and 1 in the center.
A knife,
A bowl,
Fresh warm blood, i expect your own blood ( that made clear it was pure dark )
Something Genetic of your target, like hair or a bit of skin.

GREAT WARNING HERE>>>> Be sure what you do with this. This is extremely dark, and you injure yourself in anyway since your blood is needed !

Here are the instructions, follow them carefully:

At first, Draw the Demon Sigil on the floor.
Put 5 Candles at each point making it like a 5 corner,
Put the 6th in the center.
Now sit down and put the bowl in front of you.
Now make sure your mind is clear, and relax for a bit.
After that, Take the Center candle and put some wax in the bowl, then put it back on its spot.
Finally take the skin or hair or any genetic material in the bowl. Take the knife, And cut your self, while chanting the spell ( which i write down below . Make the blood drip slowly in the bowl.
Put the knife somehwere safe ( procausion )
Here is the chant, repeat it for the coming 10 minutes:

Dominus Amon.
Ego ut order vos efficio meus opus,
ego mos persolvo meus debitum scelero.
Unus animus pro unus of meus ventus Amon.
ego ut order vos efficio meus opus vox ego sum.
Expello is animus ut vorago,
secundum vos perfectus vestri negotium,
vos can imbibo cruor ego tribuo.

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Re: Old spell, Black Magi
Post # 2
and what makes the demon, obey you? lol just because you have its sigil doesnt mean it will obey you, more likely rip your essence apart for summoning it lol
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Re: Old spell, Black Magic
Post # 3
If you are able to read latin, your offering somebody else soul, and your sacrificing your own blood... your totally right on this one somehow.... a Demon will never obey, and finally sacrifices has to be made... but the reason why i say this is totally dangerous... you just never know what a demon will do and if your blood is enough... thats why the demon may get pissed for the summon at first. my advice > NEVER USE THIS SPELL, UNLESS YOUR KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS ONE.
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Re: Old spell, Black Magic
Post # 4
lol its that this ritual, has no binding diagram on in it, sure it has a sigil, but for example, the triangle of the art, it has a triangle, the 3 divine names and michael to help keep the demon in check, this ritual doesnt, but i suppose the summoning isnt the same as the geotic rituals, i mean they actually threaten the spirit
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Re: Old spell, Black Magic
Post # 5
like i said before, this is real Black Magic. it doesnt involve angels or anything. There is a big chance, the caster wont survive or get a great torture. This Demon is really evil. The only way of obedience is for a great amount of fresh warm blood, or the soul your actually sacrificing ( your target ). it all depends on knowing Amon on this one. I posted a post on a other section for information about this Demon. Finally, this spell is based on the blood sacrifice, and finally you have too gamble about your targets soul. This is, and stays a fierce Demon, and he has his own will.
It all depends on your luck of choosing the victims and how much blood you have to spill for the sacrifice.
in total ?
The summoning will succeed. And like i said before,
this spell is old, practically ancient, i found it in the Catacombs in Spain.
For probably the next question: yes, i break into churches, cathedrals and churches to acquire this stuff and to copy 'em.

I am not the one that wrote this spell, and i am very sure i am not able to use this spell.

I am just sharing here, what i stored in my Demonology Book.

and the divine triangle stuff ? with michael.... not it wont work. Amon is a real badass Demon... if i didnt knew better... i would have said he is the devil himself.

and i am working on some other spells for a more safer way to do stuff with this demon.
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Re: Old spell, Black Magic
Post # 6
Amon prefers to eat his victims soul all at once not slowly over time so there will be a sudden reaction he will use ur will to do the deed u would basically be offering urself to him. so make sure u have something he wants like someone of power never offer a demon like Amon innocent. Give him the kind of person tha loves to do evil but squirms and grovels when in he sees a the face of it. dont beg him or ask in a week state his only voice is power
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Re: Old spell, Black Magic
Post # 7
Bael is a real badass, but he can be bound to to this plane, and in the triangle, and how could you control this demon? lol fresh blood sacrifice? lol most likely would turn on you and feed of your vitality, kinda like, bits the hand that feeds it lol, but yeah interesting discussion
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Re: Old spell, Black Magic
Post # 8
I never told you i were able to control his Demon, and trust me, Amon is really bad. I am telling you this old Spell/Ritual and nothing more, I also tell what i think is the safest way or something for this spell, the way to use it, as far as i did in my life, neer used it, and never used this one, its old, thats for sure, and i never wrote it.... ok i did, just copying it from Spain in the catacombs. I do want this Demon under Control, Just this spell is just for killing someone and not minding what will happen to his soul for eternity, and i didnt say how much blood has to be spilled... i said somewhere else about this spell that you cant do this spell twice, because of the amount of blood, even after 1 time of trying... youll pass out before you even chant the ( dark ) prayers for the 3rd time... trust me... this one is bad !
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