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Art of Soul Searching

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Art of Soul Searching
Post # 1
We often take many things in life for granted but one thing that many of us never see in these many things that end up forgotten is ourselves. We might be able to realize some of the things that we overlook, but often, we truly do forget the need to realize who we really are as a person. Getting to know who you truly are as a person is essential in individual understanding, understanding others, and in the application in various religious beliefs. However, despite these three things, we still overlook it! In this first writing I plan on explaining the impact of taking things for granted and introducing my first concept for understanding yourself.
How many things do you actually take for granted in your life? I would recommend actually trying to make a list; it is harder than you think I bet. I can almost guarantee that this one thing was not on your list of things forgotten, the stars. Every night, there is always at least one star in the sky but we hardly ever even stop to look when there are myriads of stars in the sky. Why do we do this? I feel that is the initial programming that is given to most of us throughout our lives, very rarely are we taught to appreciate the smaller things in our world. What if the stars did not come out tomorrow, what would you think or do? The vast majority of people would probably freak out if this happened; however, there is a right answer here. That answer, which shows the appreciation of the little things, is that you should be glad that you got to admire them in their entire splendor while you could. Without the stars, the sky would just look so empty and barren. The same can also be applied to knowing who we are as individuals and coming to appreciate that fact. We need to appreciate our individual soul and come to know it because like the stars, our soul may not rise to see another night, so we need to appreciate it while we can. Now, before I go on, let me say this, if you have no want to search your soul or if you cannot face the things that we are going to encounter, then stop reading this right now. The deeper we go into the idea of Soul Searching, the more that an individual will be forced to confront not only the good inside of their soul, but the evil as well.
Before I introduce my first concept for Soul Searching, let me give you a little background on this entire concept. I have actually been forming this idea for a number of years (probably for a total of about six years), and I am confident in the conclusions that I have came to based on my own life experiences. It is one of my life experiences at the age of 16 that the first concept grows from. During that time in my life I was very heavily into the life, use, and distribution of various drugs. It is because of this overall lifestyle that I first began to study other people’s general habits. When you are in an illicit business, you have to watch other people around you closely (I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS LIFESTYLE BTW). The first concept in understanding yourself is to get a basic understanding of other people. Keep in mind, you are not using what you see to judge the person, just to get a better understanding of them as an individual. Remember, you cannot judge someone else without first being able to judge yourself. This basic understanding is key because once you start presenting the questions about another individual, then it adds to the list of things you can search yourself for. It helps set the stage for the first attempt for you to search your soul.
As I begin to write more (there will be more, I just refuse to post too much at once because people read ahead too often) you will be able to understand my ideas more and how they can have multiple benefits in your life, religion, and overall fulfillment. I truly do challenge each individual that reads this to take the material to heart and really take the questions and ponder them and how they apply to you as a person. After all, the whole purpose of these writings is to figure out how your soul applies to you as an individual.

Written By: Pariah

John Chapter 8 Verse 7
When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, "If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her."
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Re: Art of Soul Searching
Post # 2
this really makes you think. i agree with you about all the things that we take for granted and dont even relize it.
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