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I have brought a good friend of mine in the covan,Lindacash. I am having servier computer problems so I placed her on council to hep out until comupter problems are solved I have contact with her if there is a spell to be put in or a post that needs to be made I will ask her to do it for me. I am lucky enough to use a friends comuter to make this post Until I get back lindacash is in charge and will make the decisions. If there are any questons she cant answer she will come to me and I will give her the answser for you. you are to continue to follow the rules and continue with your training.

linda cash welcome.

`prince amari`

Re: substitutions
By: Moderator / Adept
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thank you amari. I will do my best for you and the coven. to all members, if you have any need or question do not hesitate to come to me

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