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Shadow Witches

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Shadow Witches
Post # 1
Does anyone know anything about Shadow Witches?
I found this on a list and it intrigued me as it is very close to my own beliefs.

First of all let me start off with this, a Shadow Witch is not an
Evil Witch who is just going to cast negativity or curses on you, A
Shadow Witch believes in not only using but respecting, accepting and
embracing the light and the dark. In life and all things there is
positive and negative so why as being a Witch should we only embrace
the light when we are supposed to be people of nature who keep a
balance and accept that balance. If one only deals with the positive
or light then to me there is no balance and one is not truly
accepting or living in a natural balance. A Shadow Witch practices in
all area's of life whether it be to heal and protect or to defend and
fight back to survive. A Shadow Witch does not allow someone to just
walk all over them and do nothing about it even if it's just a simple
Karma spell. We as Witches should be in control and even Wiccan's say
they are in control of their own life however when someone does them
wrong they just ignore it and turn the other cheek and in some
situations it is not worth your energy or time to cast but in other
situations it is worth it and part of being in control of your life
is not letting people walk all over you and keep walking all over you
and other people over and over again, so in certain situations
something needs to be done.

Now how a Shadow Witch practices is much different then the way a
Wiccan practices which is why Shadow Witches don't like to be called
Wiccan's and some find it rather offensive. Shadow Witches live and
practice by a much older way then what Wiccan's do. Shadow Witches do
not call on the quarters or different Gods and Goddesses they stick
to one God and or Goddess that is close to them. Shadow Witches also
do not call on a Deity every time when working magick or during
ritual, only when we would like their help or aid with something or
just to honor them on their special day's. Shadow Witches also do not
believe in worshipping Deities all though when we do work with them
or call on them we will leave an offering in thanks for their help.
Shadow Witches do not always cast circles when doing rituals or
working magick it is just not necessary. The only circles I cast are
for extra protection if I feel it is needed and I can cast a circle
in about 30 seconds. I don't feel it is necessary to do all of that
mumbo jumbo that Wiccan's do because all of magick is all about mind
control and focusing your energies and the energies around you, there
for that is all I need. Others may feel the need to do all that to
help them focus or what have you and that is fine for them I just
don't feel it is necessary and I can work just fine with out all
that. I always make my own rituals and spells I do not like using
other peoples work I feel it isn't close enough to my heart for the
out come to be exactly what I want it to be. All though I have used
something a friend has given me and changed it to fit my needs. When
working magick and during rituals I use herbs, stones, crystals and
candles to symbolize and aid what I am working on. I also ONLY use
magick and spells when all else fails. I believe communication can be
just as powerful as magick and spells so I always talk about things
and try to work things out that way first and if I have done my best
and worked my hardest and all attempts fail then I will work some
magick if I feel it is necessary. Sometimes in life we must just
accept things and learn from them and other times we need to make
things happen for survival. Before I ever work any magick I always
meditate on the issue for a while first some times I will meditate on
it for a full Moons cycle before I do what needs to be done.

I celebrate all the Witches Esbats and Sabbats in the Wheel of The
Year plus a few extra that are special day's to my family and to my
Goddess. During the Esbats I do not do a full ritual unless working
magick usually I will just go out side and enjoy the Moon for a while
and meditate. For Sabbats I do not work any kind of magick at all and
my rituals exist of having a nice feast with my family (all
traditional foods for the Sabbat) with candles lit, some herbs laying
around the house and on the dinner table and give thanks and honor
for the blessings of that Sabbat. I do not believe in doing any kind
of magick or work on the Sabbats because in ancient times those day's
where for peace, relaxing and enjoying your loved ones and all the
blessings that has been given to us and I feel doing a full ritual is
work in itself so that is why I do not do that or practice that way.
I do daily prayers/blessings and give thanks every morning and night
and at every meal for all the happiness and hardships that have been
passed to me for they are all a blessing and all have taught me
valuable knowledge and experiences that make me who I am today. I
also want to add during my prayers/blessings for meals that I do eat
meat and I feel there is no difference between eating an animal and
eating a plant they all have life at one point and I believe they all
feel things just as we do. If a plant is not happy in it's
surroundings or is abused will it not shrivel up and die just as
animals and people do, so how can one say it is ok to eat plants but
not ok to eat animals? So when doing my meal prayers/blessings I
thank all the things on my plate for their sacrifice to feed me and
my family so that we could survive, down to the grain that was used
to make my bread etc... I also do not say my prayers/blessing aloud I
feel all those that care to hear it hear it just fine in silence and
my husband is not a ritualistic person and is not a Witch so why
should I push my way's on him. Even though he respects me and my
way's and would sit there and listen to my prayers if I made him I
just don't feel that is necessary. Now about sacrificing, I also
believe that I sacrifice every animal and plant that I eat as well as
every plant/herb that I use in magick and so I give thanks to those
things for their life to aid my life and my survival even if I go to
the local market and buy them they still have been sacrificed because
of me and/or for me. It is all a part of the circle of life and I
give my blessings and respect to that fact.

Author unknown to me

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Re: Shadow Witches
Post # 2
well forgive me i did not read all your post but i tend to agree with some of what you say salamis(my dragon mentor say in dragon magick the 4 elements which present in everything are animated by the spirit the spirit is both light and dark each have equal periods of rule or ascendancy for example a strong wind of the white dragon may turn turbines carry seeds great distance blow over rotting trees so they lie down that same wind of the black dragon could fan flames of forest fires blow as hurricanes as the element also become lighter and darker in accordance so heres a line of new thought healers always look to cure their patient by calling on the powers of rejuvenation and creation the white dragon but in fact a cancer eating away at someone comes from the realm of the black dragon so is it not this ruler one should asking for help in which at best only prolongs the envitable the white dragon rules birth the black dragon in equality rules death in dragon magick there is no conflicts air is air water water fire fire earth earth black black white white all that remains is a infinte number of combinations all we can do is be neutral shadow witch in your case neutral wizard in mine neutral colour is grey another name for wizard magus or magi hence you have my name greymagi
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Re: Shadow Witches
Post # 3
It was kinda long wasn't it? lol.
I posted it to see if anyone knew anything about it, as it feels like a path I would be interested in. Alas, no one seems to know anything about it. Oh well, if Its meant to be, it will be.
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Re: Shadow Witches
Post # 4
sorry you cant find what you were looking for it yet may appear who knows i was abit adrift until i found mt dragon mentor now i am full of purpose and ilot of questions answered which has led to twice as many more unanswered
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