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What it means.
Post # 1

okay no matter how many times i see this it annoys me.

Why won't my spell work?I cast it twenty times and i just didn't work.

Here is the absolute reason exactly as how it is, and to clarify i am not a roleplayer and i am NOT bluffing, the reason your spells no matter what language ritual or rite dont work is that you HAVE NOT
1. GONE THROUGH YOUR YEAR AND A DAY WHICH INVOLVES LEARNING HOW TO PROPERLY WORK SPELLS AND CREATE THEM. you can cast almost anything you want in some of the worst languages out there but if you dont know how to do it you will either fail,have it work but poorly,have it work great but end very bad, or just die depending on what you attempt.
2. open your third eye!after your year and a day is complete open it using a proper ritual. if you dont you won't be able to see,hear, or smell anything you summon. If you try any spell more often then not it wont work!why you ask? NO ENERGY. the MOST basic item you always need for any spell is ENERGY!

now onto my final and most important point about this entire rant.

for everybody who just picks up a random book on the craft and starts casting spells and saying "oh i'm this!" "i'm that!" just to say it and scare people and your parents without going through the right channels for it and without it being on the basis that you wish to physically and mentally further yourself into a more enlightened state of being you are INSULTING THE REST OF US! Would you look at a muslim and say allah is gay? Would you look at a jew and make jokes about the holocaust? the answer to all of these, unless you have a mental disorder involving antisemitism or race, is NO! So why would you do that to us?

If you have to pretend you do something or have experience in something then do it on world of warcraft or find another site. I find it even more insulting when i hear the line "I am a half or full demon." if you had actually experienced this it is NOTHING TO WANT!Your life and all those around you turns into despair sadness and suffering! NOT what the movies consider to be super powers and all of that nonsense. Imagine your mind being not yours.You kill your friends,family,neighbors, pets, and you can't DO ANYTHING to stop it.NOTHING! they have been here billions of years we are a smudge on the time line compared to them, they are powerful,they are all knowing, and most of all THEY DONT CARE WHAT YOU THINK. Yes you can contact them, yes bad is only how you define it, but they have dominion. Not you, not your mom, not father john at the church, not even the most powerful practioners could control them even though they have practiced for longer then 90% of us.if you want to summon them and act like you rule them well sucks to be you.

well i've said my piece i believe i have the right to say it and if you don't like it well ur loss. I personally am appauled by most of the things i see here as i find it insulting.
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Re: What it means.
Post # 2
I still wonder about this year and a day.
And why i could perform magick perfectly after only about three months of learning the basics ;P
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Re: What it means.
Post # 3
Demons are so overrated..If you fear death or demons your into the wrong hobbie.
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Re: What it means.
Post # 4
fear is such a trivial thing.
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