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LordSidonus' Coven

Forums ► General Info ► LordSidonus' Coven
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LordSidonus' Coven
Post # 1
I'm writing this for the purpose of finding out why the Black Dragon Empire is still around and why it was not deleted with the rest of the roleplay coven as well as those with insignificant numbers. Anyone with answers to why this coven wasn't deleted or agrees that the coven should be gone please post here.

First of all I'd like to point out that this coven only has six members and last I checked, membership numbers played an important role in which covens would be deleted.

Second is the fact that all roleplay covens were to be deleted and this in fact is nothing more than a roleplay coven. They make multiple ridiculous claims such as "we are the dark side of the old Draconic Empire which split many eons ago in the time of Lord Melekith, Dark Lord of the Cosmos" and "we teach knowledge from the darkest reaches of the cosmos, knowledge previously unknown unto Earth" as well as "there are many dark beings of power within our walls, and in time, there shall be a new era of power that shall grace this realm by our hand" These claims are all just in their main page. Within their forums they keep mentioning that they are building an army. What they tend to do with this "army" is uncertain but an army of only six members isn't much of an army.

Third is the fact that this LordSidonus is nothing more then a role player taking up space in this place of learning and makes ridiculous claims just as his coven does. Here are a few of his claims. "I am of Dragonkind, I am of pure evil (the purest form of Evil and its entity am I of)"(please note that "evil" is a perspective, not an element or object) and "I completely despise, detest, resent and loathe egotistical maniacs, roleplayers on this site" He must hate himself because he makes many claims of how intelligent and powerful he is.

Here is a Q&A with LordSidonus
Q: Why am I on Earth using a human computer?
A: Because I came here out of desperation since my home was destroyed by my brother Orax.
Q: Why do I use that(Tolkien's "Dark Speech") language?
A: Because it may attract the attention I want it to.
Q: Why am I online leading a coven instead of my force?
A: Because I need to re-awaken my true force, at least the ones on this world, and this coven and internet has been a tool for me to get in touch with some powerful allies.
Q: Is it true you are trying to grow an army to fight in a war that may not even happen?
A: The war of Ragnarok is going to come, it comes every 50,000 years, it is inevitable, and as I said, that is my reasoning for using this site.
Q: I've heard your coven is about alien dragons from another planet. is that true?
A: If that is the term you would like to use concerning my Empire, then you would be correct.

Prime example that he is nothing but a role player trying to be something he isn't and shouldn't lead a coven and brainwashing five members that they are building an army using dark arts. This is ridiculous. I say his coven should be deleted.

Re: LordSidonus
Post # 2
I agree. It's obviously about roleplay, obviously has no point, and obviously isn't a proper coven. It should have been removed with all the other insignificant/roleplay covens.

Re: LordSidonus
Post # 3
not sure hun, that was put to the discretion of pet the admin

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