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Natural Magick

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Natural Magick
Post # 1
Folk magic is the oldest form of magick it is raw and taken from the earth itself. Through stones , herbs, candles and other methods used by different cultures all around the world.

Our Coven will is dedicated to teaching raw magick from different cultures; Gypsy, Hoodoo, Scandinavian, Slavic, Native, etc. Nature is seen as being a living entity itself, possessing spiritual aspects that are beyond scientific understanding. Everything in nature is related to everything else, and if patterns can be distinguished in the natural world it is possible to gain secret knowledge. This belief (crystallised by Carl Gustav Jung as synchronicity) holds that there is nothing random or accidental in the universe, and hence those with sufficient skill can see what is hidden (including future events) by divination (astrology, palmistry, Tarot, runes, dowsing, etc.).

The importance of the inter-conectedness of all things is the basis for holistic systems (such as holistic therapy, stressing the importance of treating the whole person; physically and spiritually).

The study of natural magic and its uses, harnessing natural forces. Magic is practiced using any or all of the following: symbolism (eg: a drawn circle to represent the earth, candles to represent the element of fire, runes to represent specific forces), natural elements (fire, salt, crystals, herbs) and incantation (calling upon spirits/gods/goddesses).
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Re: Natural Magick
Post # 2
I would love to see your Slavic folk magic presentation.
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Re: Natural Magick
Post # 3
Folk magic in Slovenia, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia (now Serbia and Montenegro) was often used for protection, to ward off evil, to encourage desire or love, and to heal. Witchcraft may still exist in some form in very remote villages of Southeastern Europe, but the pagan rituals, incantations, spells, and mysticism has, for the most part, fallen out of fashion.

Witchcraft as a Profession in Southeastern European History
In Bulgaria, women were the main conjurers of villages, and the art of magic healing and casting spells was the responsibility of older women who would pass on their knowledge of charms and incantations to another chosen female. Villages typically maintained one white witch, a practitioner of healing magic and one black witch, a practitioner of harmful magic.

In Slovenia, both men and women took roles as witches. Female witches derived their power from a lunar goddess; male witches sought to protect the village from evil.

Magic Aides in Southeastern European Witchcraft
Folk healing, spells, and charms were often worked with the help of magic devices:

Boiling water
Iron tools
Animal parts (bones or teeth)
Special helpers were also invoked. For example:

Virgin Mary

Herbs, like basil or garlic, were used to create potions or were burned as incense. Bells were rung to ward off dangerous hailstorms or other inclement weather. Burying iron tools in the ground might prevent crops from growing in an enemyÂ’s field. A girl who boiled a lock of her lovers hair could expect the owner of the lock to fall in love with her. Magical spirits or Christian helpers might speed up the healing process in someone who was injured or ill.

Charms in South Slavic Witchcraft
The charms that were whispered or chanted during the casting of a spell were full of mystical images, imaginary tales, and visuals of nature. Some charms implored the help of a saint. Other recounted stories that were metaphors for the healing act.

Charms against the Evil Eye often sought out a source and identified a means of punishment for the originator of the Evil Eye.

Practitioners of South Slavic witchcraft were given special respect in the villages of Bulgaria, Slovenia, the former Yugoslavia, and elsewhere in Southeastern Europe. They were paid to harm or to heal and whether or not their charms, spells, and folk healing worked, the belief that it did was what gave them their power.
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Re: Natural Magick
Post # 4
FYI Yugoslavia is divided into several countries. Biggest two are Croatia and Serbia. Montenegro stepped out of republic of Serbia. You can't exclude Slovenia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Albania, Makedonia, Kosovo. My advice: if you aren't Slavic, and by that I mean European Slavic, don't teach Slavic magic.
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Re: Natural Magick
Post # 5
And yeah I'm a Croat and I know this stuff.
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Re: Natural Magick
Post # 6
Its funny, this stuff comes kinda natural to the slavics too.
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Re: Natural Magick
Post # 7
It's kinda problematic because old hags pass their knowledge to only one person, mostly female. I know an old lady that's a pro in (Slavic) magic and though she's almost looking at the face of death she still has no pupil.
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Re: Natural Magick
Post # 8
yeah that's right... (Hello faust by the way)
I'm from Serbia and trust me...Slavic folk magic is most twisted,even today many people "ordinary people" believe in powers of our witches. And they are very powerful...But you can find here many others like shamans and white mages,so I agree with faust.If you are not born here don't try to teach Slavic magic (it rhymes ;))
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Re: Natural Magick
Post # 9
by the way I will consider to join this coven...I love nature
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Re: Natural Magick
Post # 10
I never intended to start a wizzing contest. I thank you Nekron for joining our coven and offering your knowledge. It is muchly appreciated and we all look forward to learning from you.
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