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Betrayal Within a Coven

Forums ► Covens ► Betrayal Within a Coven
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Betrayal Within a Coven
Post # 1
I sent this message to the BabyVamp, the current Priestess of Magical Beings Working Alone.

"I sent this message to the current Priest,
"I'm sending you this message to inform you that I support the original Priestess of Magical Beings Working Alone, Darkfog. She said you wanted three Priests or Priestesses to send you a message letting you know that so here's mine. I say give the position that is rightfully her's back to her. If you do this then you have both my respect and my gratitude, if you do not then I'll take your failure to comply as an admittance of cowardice and immaturity."

I know the original Priestess put allot of work into this Coven and now she wants it back. If you're not in on this theft then my advice to you would be to remove the Priest from his position and demote yourself back to the Council by giving Darkfog the position that rightfully belongs to her.

I'm giving you both 48 hours to give Darkfog back her title. If this is not done by then, you can bet you'll see this message again posted in the Coven Forums for all to see along with a few other details."

For those of you who don't know, this is what I have been told.

DarkDragon, the current Priest, removed the founder of the Coven and original Priestess, Darkfog, and replaced her with a friend of his, BabyVamp. I was told that he gave her the chance to get the position back if the people of the Coven wanted her back. They did, so he changed the plan. Now he wants three Priests and Priestesses to support Darkfog, we did, so he's changed it again giving her a list of specific Priests and Priestesses that he will listen to. This list apparently does not include Dragon Magick or Spirit Seers. I'm still curious about what Covens are on that list.

Here is the reply from BabyVamp;
"i think a priestess shouldnt lie and betray the coven and dont show the message to me.. show it to darkdragon."
If someone can tell me how Darkfog lied or betrayed the Coven, maybe I'll take this message a little more seriously.

Here are the replies from DarkDragon and my replies to him;
"I said three real high priestess or priest. I have given her a list and she is not following it. And she is trying to teach people when she knows nothing about this." -DarkDragon

"My Coven is among the most active on this site, even if it's members aren't in the hundreds. I'm about as real as they come, kid. I don't know which other two may send you a message about this, but I'll be posting a message about what has happened in the Coven Forums." -Ragnorok

"Go right ahead it has allready come up with the mods and ive had admin allready informed. Im not a fool. I choose my battles wisely. Anyways a new priestess has been appointed with over 5 years exsperience and a very highly indorsed backing from tankgrrl" -DarkDragon

"A mod who has lost her modship due to having caused problems on the site? Yeah, tankgrrl doesn't have much respect from me. You said you'd give back the original Priestess her position if she got support from three Priests or Priestesses, from what I have been told you have received such messages. Lying is not a part of wisely choosing a battle, kid. It is a part of proving you have no morals." -Ragnorok

"no i told her what ones she had the choice of." -DarkDragon

I asked for a list of the Priests and Priestesses she had a choice of and he chose to instead respond to the previous message a second time;
"and if you were a real wiccan you wouldnt support someone like here teaching magic when she knows nothing about it. Descussion is over." -DarkDragon

I informed him that if he is under the belief that all the members of this site have to be Wiccan he obviously does not know enough to be a leader or teacher of any kind on this site, at least in my opinion. This site consists of many religions and many beliefs, not just Wiccans.

Darkfog founded the Magical Beings Working Alone and stayed with it until it was the fifth largest Coven on this site. Although it is true that I likewise got my position as Priest of Spirit Seers by the removal of the original founder, it is also true that it happened by choice of every member of the Coven including the ones he invited himself. It is also true that the Coven had not yet reached a true Coven status because of how few members there were in the Coven, anyone who already knew what was being taught was removed by WastedEnergy. This is not the case with Magical Beings Working Alone, obviously, and I say Darkfog should get her spot back.

Re: Betrayal Within a Coven
Post # 2
I finally got a reply from him. Apparently only "real Wiccans" are worthy of the title Priest or Priestess. So not only is DarkDragon the thief of a Coven, he's racist against anyone believing anything other then what he believes. Now that reminds me of WastedEnergy.

Re: Betrayal Within a Coven
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
If a Priestess is stupid enough to assign a Priest who will remove her than the Priestess is too stupid to run a coven.

The rules are extremely clear, that all Priests and Priestesses are equal, regardless of who created the coven, it even warns that your partner can remove you.

My moderators and myself have been harassed for days over this now and the reply is always the same. From now on I am instructing them that anyone who sends them mail on this topic is to be banned immediately.

Re: Betrayal Within a Coven
Post # 4
I suppose that is one way of looking at it. This thread is mostly an attempt to convince the Priest to choose to do the right thing rather then what he's done and keep his word, the mods don't have to get involved here. Nor do you, if you don't want to, Pet. I understand you must have better things to do then waste time on threads like this.

Re: Betrayal Within a Coven
Post # 5
I should have been more clear at the end of my first post.

I'm asking any Priests or Priestesses who support Darkfog to let it be known so that DarkDragon can see in a place where he can't deny it how many Coven Leaders support her. Now I know he's racist and if I had known that before I might not have bothered with this, but it's worth a shot.

Re: Betrayal Within a Cov
Post # 6
i would never have a high priestess for that reason

Re: Betrayal Within a Coven
Post # 7
From what I've read, I think I support Darkfog. If she weren't doing her job then I could understand Darkdragon doing what he did, but it looks more like he's just power-hungry to me. I doubt he really knows what he's talking about too.

Re: Betrayal Within a Coven
Post # 8
I'm glad to see someone agrees, Shadow.
Shamon, would you mind clarifying?

Re: Betrayal Within a Coven
Post # 9
she teaches about spirits and knows nothing about them pet was right. Raganorok you should know all the facts before you jump to one side i belive its call being jaded.

Re: Betrayal Within a Coven
Post # 10
I knew the facts that I was told and your messages as good as confirmed it to me. Especially that confession to racism, your parents must be ashamed of you for that.

This thread is now irrelevant. Darkfog has decided to let it go, and since she no longer wishes to continue the topic I'm out too. I'll help a friend when asked to help, but I'm not going to fight a battle that the person I'm fighting for has backed out of.

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