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working on a new story

Forums ► Introduce Yourself ► working on a new story
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working on a new story
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
~its not even close to being done and prolly doesnt make much sense but ah well what do yallz think?~

(no name)

At this time of year the light lingered and the birds spoke late into the evening. The last ray of sun was now hiding among the trees casting an unearthly illusion and the birds had long quieted. But Artemendora noticed none of this as she rushed through the woods, her dress catching on small branches and leaves entangled into her long midnight black hair.
This was not the time to note the magical air of the place. How the leaves seemed to dance in her wake and the sun shone with quiet certainty. Artemendora rushed on oblivious to it all. She was searching for Kathleen whom would be bathing in the sacred spring. The trickle of water could now be heard and the ground beneath her feet became moist and spongy. Climbing a boulder Artemendora looked down through the brush at Kathleen sitting cross-legged by the spring, her red hair falling into her face. Artemendora smiled at the sight of her friend and began scaling down the cliff to stand beside her.
Catching her breath she prepared to pounce but before she could spring Kathleen opened her eyes. “Hello Artemendora, where have you been? You’ve been missed greatly.” Artemendora frowned and stated simply “I’ve been doing a service.” Kathleen laughed coldly. “For whom? Yourself or the Great One?” Artemendora stepped forward and whispered in a wounded voice. “I am not as selfish as you think. I left because I was told and now I am back baring a message.” Kathleen’s eyes widened at this and she leaned forward intently. “A message? From who?” She stood up gracefully and stared at Artemendora pursing her lips thoughtfully. Artemendora hesitated already knowing how Kathleen would react. Sighing warily she thought back to her visit from the Great One as her face went blank she spoke softly. “She told me I had to go off on my own, not being able to tell anyone why or where. After I had traveled a great distance I stopped and hid among the humans.” Kathleen hissed at this and her eyes narrowed but before she could say anything Artemendora glanced at her and she became silent but began pacing nervously. “I was told to watch their doings, and so I did. I dressed as they did and did as they did. It was rather odd. At first I didn’t understand why She had told me to go there. I asked every day but was only told to wait and be patient.” Kathleen shifted nervously; Artemendora stared off towards the water and continued on. “I waited for a decade and as I watched and waited the humans began to trust me. What I found was appalling. There was a small group of people whom the others didn’t trust. They were called witches and it was said that the witches casted spells upon the children of the town and made them sick. Of course I didn’t believe it. But I was able to spend more time with this group of people and must admit there were some odd happenings.” Kathleen rolled her eyes at the thought. “Okay and how is that appalling? The humans have finally figured out how to use their source of magick.”.............
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Re: working on a new story
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
hmm when i copied and pasted it it added a bunch of A's just ignore those lolz
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