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Aftereffects of a spell

Forums ► General Info ► Aftereffects of a spell
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Aftereffects of a spell
Post # 1
One year ago on the Wednesday night before February 14 I cast my first spell.(not a love one)
The spell was to help out a friend whom was in a musical who was having a hard time remembering their lines. The director was ready to throw my friend out of the play if she was unable to remember her lines at the next rehearsal.Needless to say this upset my friend quite a bit. So I decided to cast a spell to help her to recall her lines. My friend already had the part and,the director had no understudy for any of the characters in the play. So the odds of the spell accidentally hurting someone was rather slim.

The spell I used was a ritual one with tools. I prefer rituals or incantations that use symbols and or tools as a means of focusing
ones will. Just a personal preference.

Anyway I cast the spell (took about an hour preparation and about 20 minutes to cast) and the next time she went to rehearsal she got all her lines right, and retained the part.

She was practising her lines before the rehearsal so it very well could be that the spell did nothing and she did this all on her own. (it was my first spell after all)

A few days later on V-day eve. I have a female friend stay over for the night.(different one) I being a gentleman let her sleep in the bed and I took the couch. (we were not romantically involved) My couch is in the living room where I cast the spell.
That night I went to sleep and woke up a few hours later. My friend comes down the stairs to the living room and asks "Wasn't your couch up against the wall last night?" I turned to look and low and behold the couch is about 6 inches to 1 foot away from the wall. The strange thing is the couch ways about 200 pounds, I way about 200 pounds. The floor is carpeted. So there is no way that the couch just slid along the floor to where it was. I'm a relativity light sleeper so when it moved i should have woke up. Obviously I did not.

Sense then for about two months every so often when I was at home I would catch a shadow that should not have been there out of the corner of my eye. Also around this time a half feral solid black cat save for one white patch on his chest who was hang around the area decided that he lives in my apartment and decided that I could stay to. This cat would once and A while lazily and occasionally with interest look off into the area where I would see the shadow. (the area would change from time to time)

Also at times I would be alone in my apartment and would suddenly would feel uneasy,and this would perk up my flight or fight sense. My reaction was always get up ball my fist and be ready for trouble. The feeling would pass and I would go back to doing what ever I happened to be doing at the time (usually sleeping or doing stuff on the computer)
At times I felt that something was there non threating and other times It would feel hostile. After a while I just payed it no mind and the occurrences eventually stopped.

So I was wondering if any one else ever had this happen or something like this happen to them.

Side note the Cat still lives with me and I named him Independence. (It fits)I think his coming to live with me is unrelated to this incident. (just a feeling)

Also I have not cast a spell sense. I feel that to cast a spell for something minor or pointless is a waist, and have yet find reason to cast anything. So I haven't. The incident just came to my thoughts again a few days ago and i figured Id bring it up.

Further note: apologizes for the rather long note.
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Re: Aftereffects of a spell
By: / Adept
Post # 2
Since these phenomena are worrisome to you, i would do a thorough spiritual cleansing of the house. That should solve minor spiritual disturbances. Put up protections too.


Good luck!
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Re: Aftereffects of a spe
Post # 3
Actually I found it more interesting then worrisome. Plus I have not seen the shadow in almost a year. I will however take your advice. Thank you.

Still tho has any one else had an interesting experience after casting a spell?
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Re: Aftereffects of a spell
By: / Adept
Post # 4
No, i haven't experienced such abrupt and apparent spiritual phenomenon after working such a benign spell. In my opinion they're unrelated.

Now, people using ouija boards, spirit writting, summoning and the like, i wouldn't be suprised if they got similar or worse "side effects," but that's a different topic.

I'm glad things have calmed down.
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