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Seriously need a spell

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Seriously need a spell
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Seriously need a spell
Post # 1
Hello just call me queen. Im single having a married boyfriend. We both love each other very much. He and his wife are separated but they have a son. He decided to divorce his wife because he caught his wife having an affair with other man. His wife wont do it because she felt the life that his husband will offer will vanish. When she cant convince his husband, she uses there son. My boyfriend is a loving and kind hearted father to his child. The wife uses there own son so the divorce wont push through. This situation clouded his decision. The wife didnt love his husband because first, they dont have sex for years and the wife dont even want to be with his husband and holding hands in the mall. Help me and guide me so the wife will initiate the divorce herself. A spell that easy to use for beginners like me. No materials needed to use the spell. Just a belief and pure intensions. I feel sorry for my boyfriend because his not happy anymore but he love his son and it uses against him. Please help me. I beg you. Let the wife leave his husband and file a divorce. Any spell that let the wife leave and let his husband go. Any good spell that help is greatly appreciated. This is a serious matter so i really do hope you guys could help me. You also message me directly. Thank you very much
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Re: Seriously need a spell
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Spell Suggestions from General Info.
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Re: Seriously need a spell
Post # 3
Hello Queen! I'm Waneta. I'm really sorry for everything that is happening to you and your boyfriend. By all purposes, his soon-to-be-ex-wife is being incredibly cruel and unfair.

Let me give you a bit of non magical advice first. Something you can tell your boyfriend: Divorces can be incredibly soothing for children compared to staying in an unstable house. It helps explain to the child the process of divorce and as long as things aren't crazy, or the parents side against on another, they can regain their stability. It is really just CONFLICT that hurts children. If he wants to protect his son from the pain of the divorce, he might as well go through with it. Staying together can be what hurts his son the worse.

Now, magical help XD

There are many different ways we can go with this. We could convince her to leave, give her reason to leave, or give your boyfriend the power (nerve / bravery) to leave. There's probably more ways, I just haven't thought of them.

I feel terrible that this is happening. No one should ever have anything held against them, especially not something as precious and important as a child. I hope I helped you out a bit and that things go well for you! Send me a message if you ever need help!

Good luck, Queen!
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