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Name: Jacqslove1
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Hi!!! This is me, I started today to become a spiritual student, and i wanted you all to seeim well prepare for love and light and others like those. I had a dream i would love to become a witch, only a good one. I am well to take any challenges. i'll show you my creations, as well i am a poet a good writer. So anyone can see my new spells. BE PREPARE FOR MORE SPELLS I HAVE WRITTEN!!! I am passionate, and caring. I also have an edge of me, of my darker side. i also not a hater, and i'm more likely a tempered angered. Well just to be safe, i am more a light person. LOVE, LISTEN, & LEARNING So you all know im a chanter person. I'm not afraid of death i fear it i am known what death is. I have dream't about death. Been there it is with fear of dying. I am not alone, i am protecting myself from it. It is like what you are missing in life, Sorrow and like others. I've been in sorrow i know what it's like. 1. favorite colors purple and rainbow. (If you want a spell ask me. message me "I've been trying to get to agree to the rules i seem to fail" i need help