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Hey guys!
I'm merely interested in the craft and like doing small, harmless spells every now and then. I guess I consider myself psychic. I can predict who's going to call (ghostbusters!) I can see orbs which are like little shapes of colour floating around. When I first started to see them they would disappear before I could look at them but now I can see them for like 10 seconds. I can lucid dream and my dreams occasionally come true. I have had an OBE beforeI feel presences and can hear voices that aren't my own although I don't think I can mind read. For the longest time I didn't tell anybody about this and brushed it off. I eventually told my mum who luckily is very spiritual. My point is (if you want to) tell someone you trust about it. If you need help ask a moderator on this site, I'd be glad to help if I can as well. I consider myself a mythology, astronomy and astrology addict, so ask me a question about any of those things. I like Spells Of Magic because its an awesome site. It has heaps of information about the caft so if you're a newbie i suggest you check it out. The people on here are so nice to chat to. Most give you amazing advice. . :)