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Name: Yumi_Miniko
Birthday: Dec 7 1992
Location: The Abyss
Gender: Female
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I love rock, and anime. I write poetry, songs, and stories. I'm very open minded and easy to talk to. Personality- outgoing, fun, random, flirty, rough, 5% bipolar Sexual orientation- bi learning- Everything I can about magic Loves- gothic clothes/ punk clothes, Chinese food, sweets Favorite color-Blue Young Witch Her stare fell upon the dancing flame. The candle sat in front of her. She called on the powers of every god and goddess. She chanted anything that came to mind. Nothing would bring her lost love back to life. Nothing would reunite them. Finally with all hope lost she put out her candle and went to bed. She dreamed of amulets and pendants. Spells stirred in the young witch?s head. Suddenly a she heard a loud thud and she was startled awake. She sat up in her bed and her eyes darted around her room. Finally the rested on the dark figure that stood in her doorway. It crept closer and with each step it made a loud thud. Finally it was upon her. She realized what it was. Its hair was matted with dirt. Its face was twisted and distorted. She smiled at her lost lover and took him in her arms. He never et her go... ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Happy Anniversary! She gripped the gun tightly as her eyes darted around the room. Her tears blurred her vision. Her husband stood across from her, the cheating bastard. How could he bring another woman into their house and sleep with her in their bed on their anniversary! She had gotten off of work early so she could spend more time with him. Only to come home to this bullshit? He pleaded with her to put down the gun, but she wasn?t listening to him. She didn?t want to hurt him. Well, She did, but she didn?t want to get locked up for it. She needed to think. She needed to clear her head. She made a break for the bathroom and her husband followed close at her heals. She slammed the door and locked it. Her husband banged against the door. She climbed into the empty bathtub and let the tears fall down her face. Her husband continued to pound against the door, telling her to calm down and come out. He kept saying that they could talk about it, but there was nothing to talk about. She kept replaying the scene over and over again in her head. Another woman beneath him. Someone else?s nails digging into his back. Someone else moaning his name. She looked at the gun in her hand and thought about her husband. No. She still loved the cheating bastard to much to kill him. He continued to pound on the door. ?God, why so much noise?? She thought to herself. ?I need to think. I need quiet. I need peace.? She lifted the gun to her head. Her index finger resting on her trigger. Boom! Her husband kicked down the door?but she had already pulled the trigger.