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Event: Ostara

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Name: kddust
Last Seen: Fri, 26 Feb 2010
Membership: Member

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i know where u are and what u are doing by just looking at a picture of u.I have a natural ability to link my soul to your's . Its like possessing u without your knowing. I can also control your minds . Its nothing magical actually.I'm just able to somehow connect myself to whoever i want.There is some sort of energy at my forehead allowing me to do so... At first, i don't really care whatever kind of energy it is .... but later, i met a friend.She told me that this energy is called spirit energy.Those who have this kind of energy can have control of their own spirit and also allowing them to separate their spirit away from their body and also using it to "connect" other's spirit/mind and controlling them ( that explains why i can't feel myself when i use my ability) don't believe me? send me a photo of you and i can tell -what is the color of the wall of your room -what kind of pets do u have ( if u have one ) -the color/kind of your car and everything that's close to u email:kdkaro@yahoo.com i can't control your mind 'cause i need to see u in human to control u hobbies: reading poems watching TV reading mails trying out spells hopes: to see how heaven looks like living in a peaceful place where there is no worries travel around the world with my best friend and my family fears: i fear of death.To be true ,I'm really scared of dying.i dunno where i'll go after i die . Im scared that i can never see this world again...but , after all , everyone must die , even though im scared of death , when the time comes for me to die , i'll be ready.I just need to know where i'll go after i die and does heaven exist? If you know anything about heaven pls email me. THX :) email me if u know : one of my friend told me that ghost are actually angels is it true ? email me if u know .THX :) .:Celestial Love::. Higher far, Upward, into the pure realm, Over sun or star, Over the flickering Daemon film, Thou must mount for love, Into vision which all form In one only form dissolves; In a region where the wheel, On which all beings ride, Visibly revolves; Where the starred eternal worm Girds the world with bound and term; Where unlike things are like, When good and ill, And joy and moan, Melt into one. Love's hearts are faithful, but not fond, Bound for the just, but not beyond; Not glad, as the low-loving herd, Of self in others still preferred, But they have heartily designed The benefit of broad mankind. And they serve men austerely, After their own genius, clearly, Without a false humility; For this is love's nobility, Not to scatter bread and gold, Goods and raiment bought and sold, But to hold fast his simple sense, And speak the speech of innocence, And with hand, and body, and blood, To make his bosom-counsel good: For he that feeds men, serveth few, He serves all, who dares be true.