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Growing up in a country where witchcraft, divination is pretty much a village - discrete - life part, this never was too far from me. Our mother took good care of us kids' health simply by her nurtured garden, we hardly had to see doctors. Card divination was her favorite past time. Officially Catholics, yet behind closed doors she did her share of touch with our Earth Mother. Back in my mother country I mastered Reiki, studied a few different religions, practiced meditation with Zens, and ultimately I just picked up things from here and there I found comfortable to be with. I don't have strict rules in my life, nor hard core faith in a single religion itself. I actively started practicing witchcraft, learning the path of Wicca in around 2002, two years after I came to USA. I took my life in my own hand and it's got better. So well that when I moved to Los Angeles success was just something slowly made me neglect all the treasure and life style I have grew into. No surprise there that in 2008 things started to go down in my life just like in many others' and I just recently realized where have I gone wrong in the last few years... Was it a dream or just a ''heureka'' moment, I don't know but I dug out all my tools I have not used in a long time, set up my altar and got back to the right track. Will take time with rituals, spells, prayers but my life will get back to the right path eventually. Meanwhile I wanted to find a community, kindred souls, people who are on the same path, and I found this website. Read it, browsed it, checked out a few of you, some on youtube as well and I decided that I liked this community. Took some time until I was able to get in as a member but I have been reading around. I do rune divination occasionally but only after performing other tasks. Still lot to learn. One can never stop learning. *** En to Pan