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Name: Zurlin
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I'm newbe in occults but I'm persistent learner and I'm willing to adopt as much as I can. I am interested in it because it requires personal effort, persistence and faith and on the other side, it develops your mental health and makes you stronger. I like to meditate and pray. My goal is to achieve a perfect self control and to become able to improve my life and, when it is needed, to help my family and friends. I'm especially interested in healing, hoodoo, empathy and telepathy. Besides that, I am addicted to sun, I'm perfume maniac, I practice traditional karate, I like vivid colors, wild animals, African and Indian culture and high heals. My hobby is acting and African dance. I'm passionate about reading, and writing is my form of getting to know my own true self. I listen to jazz, reggae, underground rap and hip-hop. I am 24.