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I come from Greece and I am studying to be a nurse. My passion is the art, in any kind, shape or form; Be it music, drawing or crafting, because it's the best way to express yourself. I mainly play the guitar and piano and I love singing (not that I have a great voice or something but anyway!).

~Me and magic
The way I got involved with what is commonly called "magic(k)", "the art of wise" or whatever name you wish to entitle it, is really complicated.. A long short story. The most important think is that I have been into 'this' since the age of 8 but keep in mind but it's not only the quantity of years you have on the topic, but also the quality of your knowledge and passion to move forward, to learn more.

~You and magic
Many people come to me asking how to do this spell, the other spell, how to accomplish this and that, without having the basic knowledge and conscious ability to do so. So, if you are one of those people, just continue reading!

Magic is something personal, yet collective. To find the magick around you, you have to understand how it works inside you. To do so, you have to open up to yourself, learn yourself and be yourself. Only then you will be able to understand how things work. Now you will say "But I AM myself!" Believe me, start practicing the basics and you will be really surprised with what you will find out about yourself! Ok, enough talking, let's get to the real stuff!

~The basics
The common ones
The following three of the basics are common to everyone and all paths so make sure to study those first.

~Energy manipulation

My personal additions
~Self knowledge
~Astral projection

Because of lack of time, I will add more about the basics within the weekend so make sure to come back here soon! If you are not patient and you are eager to learn, make sure to look those topics up in the forums!

Leffe Svensson