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Too much work and no play will not only result in fatigue and frustration but also loneliness, too. Your added discipline will help you complete the impossible at work. You need to keep everyone on your domestic scene too busy to complain.
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Name: bree24
Birthday: Jul 27 1985
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 13 Apr 2010
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I am here because I would like to meet people like me and who are serious about magic and who can actually make it happen. Also I know I have a gift when it comes to doing magic but I also have the ability to see the other side but I have never understood it or tried to fine tune it because its always been natural and scary. I would like to find some people who are just like me to talk to and learn from/with. I am what I would consider someone who things come naurally to. As a little child I was able to see spirits and in my experience, they were never good ones. I have seen them throughout my life and anytime there is one near I will feel their presence hours before they appear. The story is supposedly I come from a family who had gypsy blood and there were problems with other gypsies who didnt like us and every since then there has been a big dark shadow figure who follows the women in our family. I personally had my first and luckily only experience with him at the age of 14 which appearently is the normal age for us to start seeing him. Whatever he is, he is pure evil and when I saw him and knew and felt that he was out to harm me. Out of all the ones ive seen, it scared me the most. As a younger child I did practice a lot on spells and it was often that they would work and it never took long. For any of my friends who doubted my ability or the fact that I could summon or see spirits, I had always proved them wrong by showing them to them or by the fact that they would sometimes follow me to my friends house...I was at my friends house when a not so nice one had followed and sadly it scared my friends brother so bad that he was crying uncontrolably. I fell out of touch for a little while about (5) years. Until now...I recently came down with a rare illness and even though the doctors cured my illness, they are unable to cure the left over damage. Since there is nothing further they can do, I know it is up to me to stop denying my abilities and to dive right back in full force. I am going to continue my journey and my spells to heal myself and because that it is when (literally) the magic happens. My only worry or fear you could say.....Is that when I am delved into my magic and my spells, all my past other worldy (visitors) seem to come out of the wood works and mess with me non stop. I think it was the reason I slowed down on my magic in the first place.