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Name: Draco
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im an elder as im a youngster. my path is fourfolded, the nature is my guidance. i practice magic, well i wish to say that i practice only white magic, but i cant proove that, because i dont know how i will react when someone i love will be in danger. until now i can say that i have been practicin elemental and only white magic, and i dont want to change that, i love being good, and i try to think and live that way. where i live is hard to be a witch (male, im male :D) because everyone is so christian, i dont have nothing against them (only church who tormented our ancestors) but i cant stand comparing witches with satanists. i am not wiccan, i dont consider my self that way, i follow a lot of celtic and pagan truths, but wicca is just political act to me (ill discus that later). i like to make magic and meditate and go out in nature and go out at weekends and fool around, cause that is the joy in life, not just being closed amongst 4 walls and be lonely a lot. i dont approve computer games, cause it kills the life and reallity in people, so please dont mention it to me, cause i just go mental when i hear someone talking about some games . i am capricorn and scorpio in ascendant and lion in moon, and even due to that... im good :D just try to pollute earth more and ill find and throw you into radioactive weist.!