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Dhimhin Azlhi Moedred is the name that jest popped into the head of many of my friends and myself one day will were talking about the fuchor of the group, we have great rooting and we are going places we're not just a bunch of old teens and young adults setting in some basement starring at the crakes in the walls. I, Lilly (Zadamir/ Zadamirus), am one of the many ledder fingers of the group, Richard (Zadma), Markus (Clopin), Jazmen (Jazz) and Lamartya (My Cajun cuss) are the others. You may here about Timmy, Jiny, and Tiffany(Timmay, Jhinnay, and Tiffanay) form time to time. These people are out to do others wrong they are evil and it was ether we turn them in for there crimes or they do are biding- they do as we say. We are a divers group ranging from Baron Samedhi fallowing Voodooles to Northern Russian Shamans. Our group is unnamed as of Ock. 04. 2009 but that's alright, we often work with The Wee People/Zadma who can be found at you tube. I will add to The Wee People/Zadma some songs latter and thank you for reading.